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Many of us often find ourselves wondering if our intimate moments in the bedroom are actually the “norm” for the rest of us. If this is you then you have plenty of company.

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We’ve been out and consulted the experts to find out their solutions to most of the common sex problems that have been discussed with them by women. Here’s the truth about sex according to the experts.

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Q: Where is the G-spot in women?

10 Commonly Asked Sex Questions Answered! - Where Is The G-Spot In Women? Follow Me on Pinterest

A: To make things perfectly clear, the G-spot is not a myth as every woman has one. It’s about 2 to 3 inches into the vagina and is situated on the top wall.

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Q: Does sex hurt during the first time?

10 Commonly Asked Sex Questions Answered! - Does Sex Hurt During The First Time? Follow Me on Pinterest

A: Creating the right conditions such as ambiance with two consenting adults and in the correct manner, sex should never be painful even during the first time.

Do things right and sex will be fun for both right from the get go.

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Q: If you do certain exercises will you have better sex?

10 Commonly Asked Sex Questions Answered! - If You Do Certain Exercises Will You Have Better Sex? Follow Me on Pinterest

A: The answer is yes – sex can be more fun if you are fit and agile. People who are fit with a healthy cardiovascular system will have more energy and more stamina. Also add some stretching exercises and strength training if you want to try some of the more adventurous positions.
Q: I haven’t been able to orgasm since I first got married. What should I do?

10 Commonly Asked Sex Questions Answered! - I Haven't Been Able To Orgasm Since I First Got Married. What Should I Do? Follow Me on Pinterest

A: The first thing to do is to get rid of some of the stresses in your life. Then you need to spice up your relationship with some fun dates – just like you used to do when you were younger.

Doing this will help reignite the passion in your love life, which can sometimes get a bit diluted with the daily rat race of every day existence.
Q: Is it true that larger sizes lead to better sex?

10 Commonly Asked Sex Questions Answered! - Is It True That Larger Sizes Lead To Better Sex? Follow Me on Pinterest

A: All jokes aside it really depends on the couple as to what they find enjoyable.

If you do happen to find a man on the small side you will often find that he compensates for this by becoming a master of foreplay. In this case it’s a win/win for both parties.

It’s also possible to use positions that create greater stimulation from friction.
Q: What should I do if I find the thought of oral sex distasteful?

10 Commonly Asked Sex Questions Answered! - What Should I Do If I Find The Thought Of Oral Sex Distasteful? Follow Me on Pinterest

A: Let’s face it – rubbing your tongue all over something that’s been cooped up in a hot and sweaty environment all day is never fun, no matter how much you like it.

For those who may be experiencing a bit of resistance to the idea try freshening up with your partner in the shower before exploring his nether regions with your taste buds.

Once you have both washed the sweat and grime of the day off and have toweled yourselves dry, try adding some condiments such as chocolate topping or whipped cream to his manhood. Start slow and lick if off gently. Once you are comfortable with the idea then you can give him the full service if you so desire. Make sure you receive the same treatment in return – it’s only fair.
Q: If I’ve had a leave of abstinence from sex how will this affect me when I start leading a sexually active lifestyle again?

10 Commonly Asked Sex Questions Answered! - If I've Had A Leave Of Abstinence From Sex How Will This Affect Me When I Start Leading A Sexually Active Lifestyle Again? Follow Me on Pinterest

A: Each woman is going to be different in this regard. You could experience some pressure and it could hurt if the sex is too rough. If you are worried, try using a small amount of lubrication to make the experience a bit more comfortable.
Q: Can I get a yeast infection from sex?

10 Commonly Asked Sex Questions Answered! - Can I Get A Yeast Infection From Sex? Follow Me on Pinterest

A: Yeast is not contagious so, no. Yeast infections do thrive in warm moist environments however, so it will be beneficial to both of you if you thoroughly dry yourselves with a towel afterwards.
Q: How do I make my nether regions smell a little more pleasant?

10 Commonly Asked Sex Questions Answered! - How Do I Make My Nether Regions Smell A Little More Pleasant? Follow Me on Pinterest

A: To be on the safe side, check in with your gynecologist to make sure everything is in order. Strong odors are usually indicative of bacterial infections.

If you get the all clear and you still have an odor, adjust your diet to eliminate spicy and pungent foods.
Q: Is there such a thing as being too old?

10 Commonly Asked Sex Questions Answered! - Is There Such A Thing As Being Too Old? Follow Me on Pinterest

A: Regardless of age, if participating parties are fit and healthy then there is no reason they shouldn’t have and active and enjoyable sex life. However, age tends to slow us down, and then we have all the age related health problems that can plague us, and cause problems in the bedroom.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are many forms of intimacy other than intercourse. Sometimes the older we get the more creative we need to be in order to bring our partner to climax without breaking anything.

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