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Is the thrill gone from your love life? That can happen with even the most loving partners if there’s not a little spice added to the lovemaking recipe. If you need a way to add a little excitement to the bedroom, a good way to start is to get the heck out of the bedroom!

10 Craziest Places To Have Sex Follow Me on Pinterest

There are plenty of places for you and your partner to get your groove on, whether you’re looking for something romantic or something that’s just a little bit dangerous:

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1. In A Museum

10 Craziest Places To Have Sex - In A Museum Follow Me on Pinterest

Hit the museum on a weekday when it tends to be quieter and find a hidden corner where there’s no guard standing watch. You may even be able to sneak up on a roof or in a secluded elevator.

If there’s a dark exhibit like a bat cave, you can really up the danger level!

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2. In A Phone Booth At Night

10 Craziest Places To Have Sex - In A Phone Booth At Night Follow Me on Pinterest

This one is a real big turn on for those that love danger; the odds of getting caught or at least being seen are pretty high! You should wear a skirt for easier access and to make things a little less obvious. Make sure you find a street that’s quiet or close to deserted.

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3. In The Library

10 Craziest Places To Have Sex - In The Library Follow Me on Pinterest

The local library is a much more exciting place than you might think – especially when you remember that you need to stay quiet! Find a quiet place among the reference books, or look for a corner cubicle.

To add even more sexy fun, dress up as a librarian with a pair of sexy glasses and your hair in a bun.
4. In Your Workplace

10 Craziest Places To Have Sex - In Your Workplace Follow Me on Pinterest

Sex in the workplace is high on the list of sexual fantasies for many people, but few ever really act on the desire. Why not surprise your man at work, and pull him into an empty bathroom or conference room? Just make sure the boss isn’t around!
5. At The Movies

10 Craziest Places To Have Sex - At The Movies Follow Me on Pinterest

This is one of the easiest public places to pull off, as long as you can get a back row seat in a not too crowded theater – and remember to keep it quiet! Again, wearing a skirt will make this much easier to do.
6. On A Boat

10 Craziest Places To Have Sex - On A Boat Follow Me on Pinterest

Sex on the “high seas” can be a very sexy experience – even if your “sea” is only a nearby lake or lagoon. You have the option of finding a fairly secluded area or staying where there’s a lot of other boat traffic – whatever turns you on the most!
7. On A Secluded Beach

10 Craziest Places To Have Sex - On A Secluded Beach Follow Me on Pinterest

If you happen to get the chance, this is one you should never pass up; everyone deserves at least on romantic tryst on the beach! The sound of the waves, the warmth of the sun – it just doesn’t get much more romantic.

Of course, don’t forget the sunblock! If there are people around, you can always go into the water for a little privacy. Head out past the breakers so the waves don’t knock you around, though.
8. In The Woods

10 Craziest Places To Have Sex - In The Woods Follow Me on Pinterest

Sex in a forest setting can feel very private and romantic, or it can bring out a primitive, carnal lust! The warm sun through the trees, the breeze, the sounds of birds and perhaps other animals all combine to make you feel one with nature.

Make sure to bring mosquito repellent, snacks and water – and don’t forget a thick blanket or sleeping bag!
9. In A House Under Construction

10 Craziest Places To Have Sex - In A House Under Construction Follow Me on Pinterest

Is there new construction in a neighborhood near you? Sneak out there after work hours with a blanket and a candle, and perhaps a bottle of wine. You have the sensation of being indoors, outdoors!
10. In Front Of A Large Window

10 Craziest Places To Have Sex - In Front Of A Large Window Follow Me on Pinterest

This is one of the best options for the true exhibitionists in the crowd. You get to feel like you’re having sex outdoors without all the dirt, bugs and rocks under your back. You get to look out at the rest of the world – and they may be able to look in on you, too! Perfect for the couple that enjoys an audience.

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