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One thing that will never grow old in a relationship is flirting.

Most of us think of flirting as a way to capture someone’s attention and gain their affection when you first meet. But flirting remains important all through the course of a relationship. Playful flirting helps to keep that spark of passion alive.

10 Sexy Ideas To Flirt With Your Man... And Turn Him On! Follow Me on Pinterest

We’ve gathered together ten fun and flirty ideas that you can use to keep the fire of your love burning:

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1. Play The Seductress

10 Sexy Ideas To Flirt With Your Man... And Turn Him On! - Surprise Your Man Tonight By Getting Your Hair And Makeup Done Just Right, Along With A Matching Pair Of Bra And Panty Follow Me on Pinterest

When you first met, you probably spent a lot of time getting fixed up for a date with him – getting your hair and makeup done just right or even buying a matching bra and panty to surprise him.

All those things you used to do to seduce him still work! Remember – whatever you did to catch him, you have to do to keep him!

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2. Give Him Compliments

10 Sexy Ideas To Flirt With Your Man... And Turn Him On! - Compliment Your Man When He Wasn't Expecting, Such As How Nice His Naked Butt Looks, Or How Much You Love The Way He Kisses You Follow Me on Pinterest

While he most likely knows already that you think he’s hot – he still needs to hear it from you! Give him a compliment he wasn’t expecting – tell him how nice his butt looks, or how much you love the way he kisses you. His ego will soar a mile high for the rest of the day.

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3. Reach Out And Touch Him

10 Sexy Ideas To Flirt With Your Man... And Turn Him On! - Reach Out And Touch Your Man, Such As Holding His Hands While You Both Walk Down The Street Follow Me on Pinterest

Hold hands while you walk down the street, play footsies under the dinner table or lay your head in his lap while you watch TV in the evening.

Physical touch is one of the strongest forms of expression we have, and your touches will drive him crazy.
4. Have A Naughty Fantasy

10 Sexy Ideas To Flirt With Your Man... And Turn Him On! - Have A Naughty Fantasy; If You've A Hard Time Fantasizing, Pick Up An Erotic Novel For Some Inspiration Follow Me on Pinterest

Sometimes the thoughts in your own mind are the ones that will most increase the heat between you.

Think about one of your sexiest fantasies, imagining it with him – or someone else! If you have a hard time fantasizing, that’s OK; pick up an erotic novel or even a sexy movie for some inspiration. Then turn that sexual intensity into flirtations with your partner.
5. Sexting Can Be Fun!

10 Sexy Ideas To Flirt With Your Man... And Turn Him On! - Send Your Man A Tentalizing Message During The Day While He's In The Office To Let Him Know Just What You Plan To Do When He Returns Can Be A Big Turn On For Him Follow Me on Pinterest

Modern technology has given us all kinds of new ways to flirt; sexy emails can be fun, but one of the best is the sexy text to your mate.

Send him a tantalizing message during the day while he’s at the office or out running chores, to let him know just what you plan to do when he gets back to the house. You can bet he’ll be coming straight home!
6. Be More Vocal

10 Sexy Ideas To Flirt With Your Man... And Turn Him On! - Be More Vocal And Let Him Know If He's Done Something Right, Or If You're Shy, Your Moans Of Pleasure Will Suffice As Well! Follow Me on Pinterest

You know that he can’t read your mind, so if he’s doing something right (whether in the bedroom or out), you need to speak up and let him know. It doesn’t have to be in words – your moans of pleasure will suffice! After all, if you want the good stuff, you’ve got to let him know.

And knowing that you love what he’s doing is a huge turn on for him, too.
7. Take Off A Layer Or Two… of Clothes, That Is!

10 Sexy Ideas To Flirt With Your Man... And Turn Him On! - Take Off A Layer Or Two... of Clothes, That Is! Follow Me on Pinterest

Do you tend to sleep in flannel PJs or sweat pants? Why not slip into something a little more “sexy”?

Head to bed in some slinky lingerie or boy shorts with a cute tank top; let him drool while you nonchalantly rub yourself down with lotion.
8. Flirting With Other Men While You’re Out With Him

10 Sexy Ideas To Flirt With Your Man... And Turn Him On! - Provided Your Man Is Not The Jealous Type, He Will Most Likely Enjoy The Sight Of You Flirting With Other Man When You're Out With Him Follow Me on Pinterest

Unless your man is the very jealous type, he most likely enjoys seeing you cast a spell on other men – especially when he knows that you’re heading home with him.

Just remember, never take it too far; just be extra nice to the waiter or mailman. You’ll get a sexy boost of confidence and your partner will love to see you work your magic.
9. Share Fantasies

10 Sexy Ideas To Flirt With Your Man... And Turn Him On! - While Lying On The Bed Together With Your Man, Tell Him A Story About Your Most Erotic Fantasy In Intimate Details Follow Me on Pinterest

When you’re lying together quietly, tell him a story about your most erotic fantasy. Have you always dreamed of sex on a secluded beach? Tell him what it would be like, in intimate detail.

The idea of course, is to keep in mind the possibility of acting up your fantasies; but meanwhile, the thought alone will get both of your motors revving.
10. Be Bold And Make The First Move

10 Sexy Ideas To Flirt With Your Man... And Turn Him On! - Be Bold And Make The First Move And Start Flirting with Him Follow Me on Pinterest

Does your man always make the first move? What are you waiting for? If you want a more flirtatious relationship, go for it and start it yourself!

He’ll love this new playful side of you and will respond in kind; it won’t be long before sexy flirting is a normal part of your relationship.

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