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Every single day, you can find at least one “reason” why you simply can’t do your workout today. But we know they’re really just excuses that are trying to crush your motivation!

3 Common Excuses For Avoiding Your Workout – And How to Banish Them From Your Life! Follow Me on Pinterest

Don’t let them take control – banish those excuses! Here, we’re going to list three of the most common excuses we hear from people for not getting their workout in. And we’re going to tell you how to kick those negative thoughts out of your life and get exercising!

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Excuse #1: I’m Too Busy!

3 Common Excuses For Avoiding Your Workout – And How to Banish Them From Your Life! - Schedule Workout In Your Calendar Or Day Planner Follow Me on Pinterest

How to Banish It: Take your calendar, your day planner, whatever it is you use to schedule your appointments – and schedule in your exercise time just like any other important appointment you might have. By having it down in writing, it becomes more of a commitment – plus you’ve already set the time aside.

If that’s not enough to convince you, here’s an experiment for the next week: Keep a record of all your activities – ALL of them – tracking how you spend each minute of the day. You may find that you’ve got a lot of wasted time in your day (Three hours of online solitaire – really?) that you can cut out and use for exercising. There are little things that seem to suck the minutes out of the day – but by tracking them, you realize how much time you’re really wasting.

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Excuse #2 – I Just Don’t Have The Energy After A Day Of Work

3 Common Excuses For Avoiding Your Workout – And How to Banish Them From Your Life! - Doing 20 - 30 Minutes Of Aerobic Exercise Can Help To Increase Your Energy And Make You More Mentally Alert Follow Me on Pinterest

What to Banish It: While it seems like the opposite of what you would believe, doing an aerobic exercise for 20-30 minutes can actually increase your energy and make you more mentally alert. That’s because exercise causes your body to release endorphins, a chemical that can cause feelings of euphoria; the so-called “runner’s high.”

Of course, that kicks in after you start exercising; if you need a boost to get going, eat an apple about 30 minutes beforehand. The sugars in the fruit will give you a small boost to help you get going.

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Excuse #3 – I Have Kids And Can’t Just Leave Them Behind

3 Common Excuses For Avoiding Your Workout – And How to Banish Them From Your Life! - Get A Jogging Stroller So Your Kids Can Go With You On Your Run Follow Me on Pinterest

What You Can Do: While being a mom often means putting your children’s needs ahead of your own, that shouldn’t apply to exercising. Here are a few ways you can continue to get your workout in:

  • Arrange exercise times with some other neighborhood mommies. You can take turns babysitting while each one gets her workout done. Having a network of friends in similar situations can also give you great support to stay on point.
  • Buy a jogging stroller so the kids can go with you on your run. You can find them for one, two or even three kids! Too expensive? Check Freecycle, eBay and Craigslist for secondhand models.
  • If your kids are a little older, have them join you on bike, skates or skateboard! Exercising together is a great time to bond with your kids, and you’re setting an excellent example that will hopefully follow them all their lives.

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