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There are two extremes to women’s workout clothing: super trendy and expensive, or super cheap sweat pants and t-shirts.

3 Essential Women's Workout Apparel You Mustn't Shrimp And Save On Follow Me on Pinterest

You don’t have to win the lottery to be able to have a decent exercise outfit. But there are a few pieces that every woman should invest in. These three pieces are essential:

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1. A Sports Bra

3 Essential Women's Workout Apparel You Mustn't Shrimp And Save On: A Sports Bra Follow Me on Pinterest

Did you know that working out in the wrong bra can actually cause damage to your breasts?

You need a good sports bra that fits and supports you. You want a bra that provides good coverage and moves with you while keeping “the girls” under control. It’s especially important in high-impact workouts, and it’s oh-so-much more comfortable.

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2. Shoes

3 Essential Women's Workout Apparel You Mustn't Shrimp And Save On: Shoes Follow Me on Pinterest

Your feet take a serious pounding when you exercise. Running, aerobics, jumping rope – the pressure on them is incredible. So it’s vitally important that you have a pair of shoes that provides adequate support to your ankle and arches.

It’s not necessary to buy the most expensive brand; but do invest in a shoe that is made for the type of exercise you do most, whether that be walking, aerobics dance or jogging. Using a shoe made for one activity to do another can actually lead to injuries.

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3. Pants

3 Essential Women's Workout Apparel You Mustn't Shrimp And Save On: Pants Follow Me on Pinterest

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with always working out in your favorite pair of old sweats! They’re certainly the cheapest option. However, you may find that spending a bit more on pants will get you one that lasts longer, holds its shape and doesn’t fade as fast as the cheaper ones.

Also, you’ll find that higher quality workout clothing has special details for exercising, like venting for air circulation and little hidden pockets to hold your car key or bus fare.

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