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Some people may not be aware of it but there is such a thing as exercising too much. Overdo it and your muscles will take longer to recover and possibly even suffer from damages as a result.

4 Effective Tips To Help You Recover From Overtraining Fast Follow Me on Pinterest

It is important that your muscles receive adequate amounts of rest between bouts to ensure they are performing at their peak. If you have recently trained hard and are thinking you may have overdone it, follow these tips to help you get back on track, or back into the gym in no time flat…

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1. Frequent Rest Stops

4 Effective Tips To Help You Recover From Overtraining Fast - Frequent Rest Stops Follow Me on Pinterest

For athletes who have not yet been subjected to the trials of an over-trained body, now’s the perfect time to learn how best to not fall into this trap in the first place.

One of the key elements to not over-train is to make sure your body gets plenty of rest each week, ensuring it gets enough time to recover and repair damaged muscle tissue and add new growth.

The accepted minimum amongst the sporting community is that for every two days of exercise, you should rest for at least one. Simple math will tell you that 2 or 3 days out of each week should be devoted to resting and preparing your body for its next bout of strenuous activity.

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2. Longer Periods Of Rest

4 Effective Tips To Help You Recover From Overtraining Fast - Longer Periods Of Rest Follow Me on Pinterest

Occasionally your body will need a complete break from exercise for an extended period of time, longer than the normal weekly pit stops, as there’s no guarantee that these short periods of rest are enough to allow your body to repair and grow damaged muscle tissue.

To create an environment for peak physical condition, allow yourself a period of rest for about eight to ten days, after a few months of hardcore training to give your body this much needed respite for repair and recuperation.

You don’t have to completely disregard all forms of exercise (during this period of time when you’re resting), but if you really must, then limit yourself to nothing more than a bit of light cardio.

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3. Proper Nutrition And Plenty Of Sleep

4 Effective Tips To Help You Recover From Overtraining Fast - Proper Nutrition And Plenty Of Sleep Follow Me on Pinterest

An inefficient diet and not enough sleep can also lead to a body that suffers from the symptoms of overtraining.

We’re not exactly what we eat but there is some modicum of truth to the old saying – If you eat garbage, you won’t have the required nutrients to repair your body and give it the energy it needs to perform at its peak.

If you have been over-training, it’s even more crucial to pay attention to what you put in your body, as well as getting plenty of sleep, to help speed up the body’s recovery times.
4. Gradual Shifts

4 Effective Tips To Help You Recover From Overtraining Fast - After Your Rest Period Is Completed, Do Not Jump Back Into A Full Strenuous Workout; Rather, Work Into It Gradually So You Don't Fall Into The Over-Training Trap Again Follow Me on Pinterest

Once your rest period is completed, it’s not wise to jump straight back in to a full strenuous workout. Instead, work into it gradually so you don’t fall into the overtraining trap again.

Start your workload a little lighter and then gradually up the ante while maintaining a strict regime on diet and rest.

Another great method to avoid over-training is to occasionally “surprise” your body with a different form of workout – Instead of running try going for a swim, or replace weight training with a bit of cardio.
All of these methods that we’ve shared with you in this article will help you control your workouts to maintain peak physical condition without overdoing it.

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