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Kids in school made up lots of strange little stories about sex that you may have sworn were true back then – like using a tampon meant you weren’t a virgin anymore – but as you grew older, you were able to figure out the truth from the myths.

4 Lies They Told You About Sex, Which Could Stop You From Enjoying Sex As Much As You Should... Knowing The Truth In This Article Shall Set You Free! Follow Me on Pinterest

However, there are still a few things that we’ve been taught to believe that aren’t necessarily true – and it could be stopping you from enjoying sex as much as you could.

So we talked to a bunch of folks in the know, and they schooled us on what’s true, what’s false, and what’s just plain wishful thinking when it comes to sex.

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Myth #1: Only men enjoy porn.

4 Lies They Told You About Sex... The Truth Shall Set You Free! - If You're Comfortable With The Idea, Watch Some Pornography Together With Your Guy To Get You Both Turned On Follow Me on Pinterest

Truth: Electroencephalograms have shown that when women look at pornographic images, they exhibit the same brainwave activity that men do.

Erotic material is a perfect way for women to learn about different types of sexual activity and to find out what they might like to try in the bedroom. You might enjoy watching pornography alone when masturbating; if you’re comfortable with the idea, watch it together with your guy to get you both turned on.

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Myth #2: Penis size matter.

4 Lies They Told You About Sex... The Truth Shall Set You Free! - Size Of Your Guy's Manhood Does Not Matter When It Comes To Having Great Sex Follow Me on Pinterest

Truth: It doesn’t take a large penis to have great sex.

Having a larger penis doesn’t help him hit your G-spot. And in fact, a longer penis can hit the cervix when he thrusts, causing you pain.

If his penis is on the shorter size of average, you may find more pleasure for both of you if he uses more of a grinding movement rather than thrusting. Use a position that helps keep you close together – missionary works well.

If your man’s got a bit more length to him, you may prefer to be on top as it allows you to control how deep the thrusts are.

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Myth #3: There is no such thing as the G-spot.

Truth: French researchers have actually been able to find physical proof of the G-spot. They found thicker than usual tissue separating the vagina from the urethra in those women who could reach orgasm through vaginal stimulation only. For some women, this area is very sensitive, and allows for super-strong orgasms.

4 Lies They Told You About Sex... The Truth Shall Set You Free! - You Can Try Stimulate The Upper Wall Of Your Vagina With One Or Two Fingers Follow Me on Pinterest

To try it yourself, lie back and let your partner stimulate the upper wall of the vagina with one or two fingers (you can also try it on your own). If you get the G-spot just right, you’ll know it very quickly. To stimulate this spot during intercourse, try with you on top or in the “doggy” position. Both of this helps to “aim” his penis toward the bull’s-eye.
Myth #4: Only women have multiple orgasms.

4 Lies They Told You About Sex... The Truth Shall Set You Free! - It Is Not True That Only Women Can Have Multiple Orgasms Follow Me on Pinterest

Truth: It’s true that men are limited to the amount of semen that they can produce within a certain amount of time. But he can still have rapid, repeated peaks of climax. There is a trick to it, of course!

You need to bring him right to the brink of climax, and then ease off quickly so that he has the contractions associated with orgasm without actually ejaculating.

Have him tell you when he’s close to ejaculation; right before the moment of no return, stop and press gently just under the head of the penis. You can continue to kiss, or he may need you to be very still for about 30 seconds. That gives him time to calm things down a bit while still maintaining an erection. Then you can start up again. Repeat as many times as he can stand it.

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