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Many couples become concerned when they feel that they aren’t able to last as long in bed as they think they should. And many believe that the problem is his but it could actually be hers.

4 Tips To Help You Last Longer in Bed Follow Me on Pinterest

There are a variety of problems that can cause women to feel uncomfortable during long bouts of lovemaking, but the good news is that most of these problems have simple fixes. That’s good news for both of you, and you’ll both be able to enjoy lovemaking longer and more.

While of course, not every bout in the sack needs to be an all night tantric thing, if you’re finding that all your lovemaking sessions are over before you’re ready, then there are a few tricks and tips you can use to make things last longer. Try some of these:

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1. Make Use Of A Good Lube

Vaginal dryness is one of the biggest impediments to a woman’s ability to enjoy sex. Using a high-quality vaginal lubricant can prevent the dryness and friction that can cause so much discomfort for women.

4 Tips To Help You Last Longer in Bed - Be Open To Discuss With Your Partner What Kind Of Foreplay Feels Best For You In Order To Avoid Any Discomfort Follow Me on Pinterest

Ladies, don’t be afraid to discuss it with your partner! If dryness is a problem, he needs to know what kind of foreplay feels best for you in order to avoid any discomfort. You don’t have to tell him that you don’t like something, instead, let him know what it is that you do like.

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2. You Don’t Have To Be A Contortionist If It Hurts!

You need to be comfortable during sex, and that includes avoiding positions that hurt your back or put too much strain on your thighs. If you need to change positions, let him know.

4 Tips To Help You Last Longer in Bed - You May Use Pillows To Support Your Backs/Buttocks If You Feel More Comfortable Follow Me on Pinterest

Many couples have found that certain positions are more comfortable if they use pillows to support their back or buttocks; that can reduce strain, so you can go longer.

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3. Don’t Be Too Sensitive…

Even women who are capable of multiple orgasms may find that clitoral stimulation right after an orgasm can be very uncomfortable, even painful.

4 Tips To Help You Last Longer in Bed - Spend A Minute Or Two Cuddling Each Other To Help You Settle Down Abit Without Getting Overly Stimulated, Thus Allowing You To Last Longer In Bed Follow Me on Pinterest

After your orgasm, spend a minute or two cuddling or relaxing; this will give your body time to settle down a bit without being over stimulated, thus allowing you to continue on with your lovemaking.
4. If All Else Fails, Talk To Your Doctor

4 Tips To Help You Last Longer in Bed - Seek The Advice Of A Medical Professional If You're Experiencing Way Too Much Discomfort During Sex, So Much So That It's Becoming A Hindrance To Your Lovemaking Follow Me on Pinterest

If you’re feeling so much discomfort during sex that it’s become a hindrance to your lovemaking, please do speak with your doctor.

There are issues like hormone imbalances and menopause that can cause discomfort during sex. Fortunately for us, these issues are treatable, but your doctor needs to know about it. Once you’ve treated the problem, you’ll find that not only can you last longer, but also your lovemaking will be more fulfilling.

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