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If you have experienced bad back pain, you know the many ways in which it can affect your quality of life. This common debilitating condition causes endless hours of work to be lost. Not only that, because of the excruciating pain that you may sometimes experience, you may be forced to miss out on important social occasions.

5 Common Causes Of Back Pain In Women (And What You Can Do About It) Follow Me on Pinterest

The causes of back pain are numerous and can be complicated. To establish what is the best treatment for your back pain, a diagnosis of what is causing the pain is vital.

In this article, let us take a look at 5 of the most common causes of back pain…

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1. Excess Body Weight

5 Common Causes Of Back Pain In Women (And What You Can Do About It) - Excess Body Weight Follow Me on Pinterest

There is no easy way to say this, but if you are overweight you will greatly increase your risk of back pain. This statement is especially true for individuals who carry an extra weight around their midriff, as the extra weight pulls the pelvis forward, and places extra stress on their lower back.

Other than suffering from back pain, individuals who are overweight are also more prone to suffering from a herniated disc or have an increased risk of being diagnosed with osteoarthritis as they get older.

Therefore, it is imperative that you keep to a healthy body weight by maintaining a good diet and exercising regularly to reduce any existing back pain, as well as to prevent other types of back pain in the future.

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2. Too Little Exercise In Your Lifestyle

5 Common Causes Of Back Pain In Women (And What You Can Do About It) - Too Little Exercise In Your Lifestyle Follow Me on Pinterest

Little or no exercise is likely to increase back pain as it causes increased body stiffness. It also means that you have weaker muscles.

People leading a sedentary lifestyle do not reap the benefits of regular physical exercise, including the regular nourishment of spinal column discs, ligaments & soft tissues in the back. As a result, the discs in your back will be malnourished and begin to degenerate.

Therefore, to alleviate back pain problems and to have a healthier spine, you should incorporate 30-minutes of exercise that includes stretching, core strengthening, as well as low impact aerobic exercises, into your daily “to do” routine.

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3. How You Sit

5 Common Causes Of Back Pain In Women (And What You Can Do About It) - How You Sit Follow Me on Pinterest

Sitting in an office chair for several hours every day with the wrong posture will eventually lead to one having lower back pain (for non-sufferers) or for those who have back pain, they’ll notice their condition worsening.

The reason is because, when you sit forward or slouch down in your chair, you will overstretch your spinal ligaments, putting strain on the discs and the surrounding areas in your back. If left unchecked, poor sitting posture and desk ergonomics will cause long term back pain.

The best position to sit in for good back posture is to align your back up to the chair back. Do not slouch or lean forward, and try and keep your knees level with your hips or just above them.
4. Stress In Any Form

5 Common Causes Of Back Pain In Women (And What You Can Do About It) - Stress In Any Form Follow Me on Pinterest

Most individuals placed under stress do not manage it correctly and will sleep badly, eat poorly and take no exercise. Throw stress-related muscle tightness into the mixing pot, and you will end up with all sorts of back problems.

By taking good care of your body when you find yourself under stress, you can prevent long term back problems by doing exercises to aid relaxation such as breathing exercises and taking time to exercise daily.

Even taking a 10 to 15 minute walk can prevent future back problems.
5. Bad Lifting Techniques

5 Common Causes Of Back Pain In Women (And What You Can Do About It) - Bad Lifting Techniques Follow Me on Pinterest

It doesn’t matter if you lift every day or once in a while, if you know how to lift properly, especially if you’re not fit, then it will greatly reduce your chances of a back injury.

Here is how you should lift correctly:

Always bend your knees, whilst keeping your back perfectly straight. At the same time, you’ll want to tighten your abdominal muscles as you lift. Also, you’ll want to make sure you keep your shoulders lined up with your hips, so as not to twist. And finally, you’ll want to keep the weight held close to your body.

Last but not least, do not attempt to lift very heavy objects without help or mechanical assistance.

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