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Running is an extremely popular activity due to its low cost, and its ability to really burn off lots of calories in a relatively short time.

5 Common Running Mistakes To Avoid To Help You Stay Injury-Free Follow Me on Pinterest

If you are new to running, then you need to be made aware of five of the most common errors people make when taking it up:

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1. Not Keeping Yourself Adequately Hydrated

5 Common Running Mistakes To Avoid To Help You Stay Injury-Free - Not Keeping Yourself Adequately Hydrated Follow Me on Pinterest

It’s easy for runners to underestimate the amount of bodily fluids they will excrete during a hard run. They can also be of the mistaken opinion that too much water will cause aches in their sides.

Because of this, many runners can become dehydrated; which only ends up decreasing their performance levels, and can eventually end up impairing their health.

Always be aware of how much water you are consuming not just before and after a run, but also during a run as well.

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2. Not Resting Enough

5 Common Running Mistakes To Avoid To Help You Stay Injury-Free - Not Resting Enough Follow Me on Pinterest

The new runner is brimming with enthusiasm, commitment and motivation. They start working out hard every day when their body is unprepared for the onslaught. As a result, every movement soon becomes agony as they force overworked muscles to come to the party, even for relatively minor tasks such as sitting, standing, and walking.

Always have a rest day in between running days, with the recommended amount being 3 runs every week.

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3. Using Incorrect Footwear

5 Common Running Mistakes To Avoid To Help You Stay Injury-Free - Using Incorrect Footwear Follow Me on Pinterest

Always purchase your shoes from a specialty running shop. Starting your new running career in cheap shoes is only going to cause you much pain and agony, and you will probably end up quitting as a result.

Specialist stores can measure and examine your feet, and choose running shoes that will fit perfectly and cushion your feet for maximum comfort. The extra expense is well worth it and cost effective in the long run, as you won’t incur any expensive medical bills from the injuries you will get from cheap running shoes.
4. Not Stretching Before And After A Run

5 Common Running Mistakes To Avoid To Help You Stay Injury-Free - Not Stretching Before And After A Run Follow Me on Pinterest

Stretching your muscles and warming them up is crucial if you are going to avoid hurting yourself.

Stretching increases your flexibility and will help you avoid over stretching and injuring your hamstrings, calves, quads, and shins. You will also prevent runner’s knee, lower back pain, and shin splints. Stretching regularly will also help you avoid the day after’s soreness.
5. Running Despite Pain And Signs Of Injury

5 Common Running Mistakes To Avoid To Help You Stay Injury-Free - Running Despite Pain And Signs Of Injury Follow Me on Pinterest

Most new runners think of all the little niggles they experience as growing pains while their bodies adapt to their new running lifestyle. Many times however, these little niggles are signs of minor injuries that will grow worse if they are ignored.

If you feel any slight pains, you should consult with a physiotherapist you trust who can examine you and make sure you have the all clear for further running. Prevention is always better than trying to cure a painful condition that can stop you exercising; which will put a real damper on your fitness goals.

Of course, you should also consult with a doctor before you start any new exercise regime, to make sure your body has the ability to endure it.

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