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Have you ever noticed that most women almost never make major changes to their hairstyles?

There are several reasons behind this phenomenon. Some women may have experimented with a number of hairstyles in the past, but didn’t feel that any of those styles worked well for them, and their current hairstyle is the one they finally decided looked the best on them. Others may simply suffer from that all-too-common fear of change.

5 Crazy Things To Do With Your Hair Follow Me on Pinterest

Think about it this way, though: Of all body parts, hair is the only one that continuously grows back, no matter how often it’s cut off or trimmed. You’re going to have a lot of it during your lifetime, so why not experiment with it?

Trying something new and crazy with your hair might be just the thing you need to add some excitement to your life. Consider one of these five ideas:

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1. Curl Or Straighten Your Hair

5 Crazy Things To Do With Your Hair - If Your Hair Is Straight, Curl It, Or Vice Versa Follow Me on Pinterest

If your hair is naturally straight, curl it, or vice versa. You might surprise yourself with how good you look when you reverse the natural tendency of your hair.

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2. Try A Crazy Shade Of Dye

5 Crazy Things To Do With Your Hair - Try A Crazy Shade Of Dye Follow Me on Pinterest

“Crazy,” in this case, is relative to your natural color and your previous history (or lack thereof) of dyeing your hair. Your “crazy” color may be anything from platinum-blond to jet-black to hot pink to a rich mahogany or chestnut that’s a shade or two darker than your natural color.

It’s only logical: You’ll never know what your hair looks like in another color until you give it a try. Don’t you wonder what it might be like? The best part is, dyeing your hair isn’t permanent; you can always dye it a different color, or cut it off and go back to your natural one.

As an alternative, if you want to try going hot-pink (which requires bleaching your hair first), but you’re concerned about how much it will damage your hair, try wearing a wig.

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3. Put Your Hair Up

5 Crazy Things To Do With Your Hair - Try A Crazy Shade Of Dye - Put Your Hair Up Into An Elegant Knot Or Hair Bun Follow Me on Pinterest

Try to create the kind of up-do that a queen or princess might be seen sporting on a formal occasion. Sweep all your hair up into an elegant knot or bun, except for a couple of soft tendrils framing your face.

Wear this hairstyle with your favorite dress, or just put your hair up right before bed to find out how your hair looks in the morning – it will look amazing!
4. Get A Buzz Cut

5 Crazy Things To Do With Your Hair - Try A Crazy Shade Of Dye - Get A Buzz Cut Follow Me on Pinterest

You might be thinking, “No way! That’s taking things way too far!”

Well, think about it this way. When your hair is buzzed, you don’t have to deal with styling, straightening, blow-drying, or detangling it. Plus, the feeling you get is amazing: It gives you a boldness and bravery that’s not quite like the feeling you get from anything else, and draws more attention to your face than ever before.

After getting a buzz cut, you can create an awesome look with eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lipstick and show your new look off to the world, feeling like you’ve been reborn. Also, combining this typically-masculine hairstyle with feminine accessories, like heels, is somewhat shocking to look at, but in a positive way.
5. Let Your Hair Grow Really Long

5 Crazy Things To Do With Your Hair - Let Your Hair Grow Really Long Follow Me on Pinterest

How would you like to go to the beach or the pool looking like a real mermaid? Wouldn’t that make you feel cool, gorgeous, and sexy?

The biggest downside to having super-long hair is that drying it becomes a very time-consuming task. But take it from us – the “mermaid” experience of feeling your long hair floating in the water behind you is absolutely worth it!
Of course, there are plenty of other new and different things you can do with your hair, such as adding highlights, parting it in a different place than usual, and styling it with an unhealthy amount of gel. Those are the obvious things, though, and you’ve probably already tried all of them.

Remember, hair is a renewable resource! If you have any curiosity at all, go ahead and go for it. You never know – you might discover a new look that you really love!

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