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Diabetes has become an ever-burgeoning problem in the United States, with over 25 million sufferers – or almost 10% of the entire population being diagnosed with the disease.

5 Lifestyle 'Tweaks' To Significantly Reduce Your Risk Of Diabetes Follow Me on Pinterest

Furthermore, and even more disturbing, is that approximately twenty-five percent of the population are oblivious to the fact they are even suffering from diabetes. Most of these go between 7 to 10 years before discovering they have the disease.

With all of this going on, you are probably wondering how you can go about avoiding becoming a diabetes statistic. Like most health concerns, a simple adjustment in lifestyle choices is often all that is needed to steer yourself clear of diabetes, and reduce your risk factor by 80% or more.

Use these simple tips to help yourself get started on the road to better health… Diabetic-free!

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1. Be More Active

5 Lifestyle 'Tweaks' To Significantly Reduce Your Risk Of Diabetes - Be More Active Follow Me on Pinterest

The vast majority of health concerns are generated because the modern lifestyle is very stationary.

Exercising will help you reduce your weight, boost your insulin sensitivity, and control your blood-sugar levels. Not much is needed, only 20 minutes a day is a good start. Try bike riding, walking (not a leisurely stroll but a brisk walk), and swimming.

Strength training to build muscle mass may also be of benefit as new research shows that the extra muscle mass can help to reduce your risk of diabetes. So it’s a good idea to include some form of resistance training along with your regular cardio routine.

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2. Lose Weight

5 Lifestyle 'Tweaks' To Significantly Reduce Your Risk Of Diabetes - Lose Weight Follow Me on Pinterest

It has long been known that obesity is a major trigger for diabetes. The more fat your body stores, the harder your body has to struggle to control and use its insulin levels. This has the unfortunate effect of causing your blood glucose levels to eventually spiral out of control.

According to studies conducted by the NIH (National Institute of Health), your risk of diabetes is reduced by 70% if you maintain your weight within optimal ranges.

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3. Healthy Diet

5 Lifestyle 'Tweaks' To Significantly Reduce Your Risk Of Diabetes - Healthy Diet Follow Me on Pinterest

Add more foods that are high in fiber and whole grains to your diet. Both of these increase the body’s ability to control blood-sugar levels, which decreases the odds of you getting diabetes.

Fruits and vegetables all contain lots of fiber, as do nuts, beans, and seeds. When your meal consists of pasta or rice, use the whole wheat and wholegrain varieties.

While we are on the subject of diet, you could also do some substitutions by using non-fat dairy products, and lean meats, instead of the full fat variety. Put some fish on the table 2 or 3 times a week as well. When cooking, use liquid oils rather than solid fats. And finally, reducing or eliminating sugary snacks and sweets is a great preventative measure against diabetes.
4. Give Up Smoking

5 Lifestyle 'Tweaks' To Significantly Reduce Your Risk Of Diabetes - Give Up Smoking Follow Me on Pinterest

Heavy smokers are twice as likely to develop diabetes, so you can literally halve your chance of getting diabetes just by giving up smoking.
5. Moderation With Alcohol

5 Lifestyle 'Tweaks' To Significantly Reduce Your Risk Of Diabetes - Moderation With Alcohol Follow Me on Pinterest

We all know that alcohol should only be used in moderation for a variety of reasons.

In the case of diabetes, alcohol abuse is known to cause chronic inflammation of the pancreas, which is the body’s production facility for insulin. If the pancreas is impaired then diabetes can soon follow.

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