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1. Before Applying A New Coat Of Polish, Take Off The Old One

When it’s time for a new coat of nail polish, make sure to thoroughly remove the previous polish for a smoother, shinier finish. Avoid acetone, as it’s harsh and can dry nails. Non-acetone polish remover leaves nails healthier.

5 Nail Polish Tips For A Perfect Finish! - Always Remember To Remove Any Nail Polish On Your Nail Before Applying A New Polish Follow Me on Pinterest

To minimize damage to the nail, use cotton to rub away the polish; dampen a cotton ball or pad with remover, hold it on the polish to soften it, then gently rub towards the nail tip to avoid staining around the nail bed.

2. Use Press-On Nails

Acrylic nails can cause damage to the nail and can even facilitate the growth of fungus. Acetate press-on nails are less damaging.

5 Nail Polish Tips For A Perfect Finish! - Use Press-On Nails If You Have A Broken Or Split Nail To Protect The Damage From Worsening Follow Me on Pinterest

If you have a broken or split nail, you can stick a press-on nail over it to protect the damage from worsening. It will also keep you from getting polish inside the crack where it might damage the quick.

3. Apply A Base Coat First

Nail polish colors can be absorbed into the nail, turning it into an ugly shade of yellow. To avoid the problem, apply a clear base coat first.

5 Nail Polish Tips For A Perfect Finish! - Always Apply A Clear Base Coat First, Before Applying Your Nail Polish, So As To Protect Your Nails From Turning Into An Ugly Shade Of Yellow Follow Me on Pinterest

Cover the whole nail, starting from the cuticle, and applying by brushing up towards the tip. Give the base coat at least 5 minutes to thoroughly dry before you put the polish color on.

4. Use Two Coats Of Polish

Applying a double coat of polish will give you a more brilliant shine and a professional finish just like you’d get at the salon.

5 Nail Polish Tips For A Perfect Finish! - Apply Two Coats Of Polish To Get A More Brilliant Shine And A More Professional Finish Follow Me on Pinterest

Just remember to give each coat enough time to dry; applying the next coat too soon can lead to smudges and a rough finish.
5. And Again: Give The Polish Time to Dry

Ever heard the phrase “as boring as watching paint dry”? That’s how boring it is to sit around and wait for nail polish to dry. But as we’ve said, it’s the only way to make sure that you don’t get any smudges or nicks in the polish while it’s still soft.

5 Nail Polish Tips For A Perfect Finish! - Always Allow Sufficient Time For Your Nail Polish To Dry Completely Follow Me on Pinterest

So sit quietly after that last coat, don’t touch anything and give yourself a 10 minute break from doing anything – after all, you deserve a break!

If you really are pressed for time, you can use a blow dryer (make sure you set it to the ‘cool’ mode) that will dry them more quickly. And here’s a tip: holding your nails under gently running cold water will actually help the polish dry a little faster.

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