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Virtually all of us suffer from one type of back pain or another at some time in our life. The age when it most commonly occurs is between the ages of thirty and fifty. However it doesn’t matter when it first starts or even what’s caused it, as any back pain is a real pain to cope with.

5 Quick Ways To Relieve Back Pain Without Drugs Follow Me on Pinterest

Is there good news? Well yes, as there are several very simple things that can be done in order to stop back pain and maintain your back in good order.

If you are suffering from regular back pain, then we would strongly recommend that you give the following tips a try, as they have helped many to get relief from their back pains fast, as well as reduce it’s re-occurrences significantly…

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1. Do Some Gentle Exercise Daily

Your back pain will eventually go away. But having said that, it is not always a good idea to sit on your laurels and wait for it to go away. Don’t just lie down the next time you’re suffering from a back pain. Instead, do some gentle stretching and at the same time, find out which stretching movements you can do without aggravating the pain.

5 Quick Ways To Relieve Back Pain Without Drugs - Do Some Gentle Exercise Daily, Such As Taking A Slow, Gentle Walk Follow Me on Pinterest

Also take a slow, gentle walk, and then begin to increase your speed if you feel okay. Doing regular exercise is a very good idea as it both strengthens and stretches your back muscles, which can help to minimize or even eliminate numerous types of back pain as well as other associated problems.

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2. Listen To Music

5 Quick Ways To Relieve Back Pain Without Drugs - Listen To Music Follow Me on Pinterest

Listening to music is very soothing for both the mind and the body.

Music distracts the mind and improves relaxation, which in turn is a type of pain relief in its own right. Not only that, listening to music is also an enjoyable and effective technique of relaxing.

So, the next time you’re suffering from a back pain, simply play your favorite music and allow your body to relax in to the sounds of music.

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3. Get Enough Sleep Every Night

5 Quick Ways To Relieve Back Pain Without Drugs - Get Enough Sleep Every Night Follow Me on Pinterest

Making sure you have enough sleep at night is vital when you have strained your back muscles.

The best thing to do is lie on your side, with your knees slightly bent and place a pillow between them. Alternatively you can lie on your back, with a pillow placed under your knees.
4. Try Having A Massage

5 Quick Ways To Relieve Back Pain Without Drugs - Try Having A Massage Follow Me on Pinterest

It’s great if you have an accommodating partner, or friend, to give your back a light massage. It is best if you could lie facing down on your bed or sofa, and ask them to help massage your back muscles with medium pressure.

Or you could simply opt to get a local massage therapist to call round at your house if you cannot find a massage establishment near you. The yellow pages is always a good starting point to find one.
5. Learn To Relax

One of the major causes of back pain is a result of your back muscles over-tightening due to emotional stress and tension.

5 Quick Ways To Relieve Back Pain Without Drugs - Learn To Use A Good Relaxation Technique Such As Meditation Follow Me on Pinterest

Try and learn to use a good relaxation technique, such as deep breathing exercises or even a meditation session. Other relaxation techniques include shutting your eyes, slowing down your breathing and deeply inhaling, and then beginning to count backwards down from one hundred.

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