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We’ve all got a girl friend that goes on about her amazing sex life, and how she and her partner get wild and crazy every night. You may be wondering how it is that they manage to stay so fired up about sex – especially if they’ve been together for a long time.

5 Secrets Of Sexually Satisfied Couples Unveiled Follow Me on Pinterest

Well, there are a few secrets to keeping the home fires burning and staying sexually satisfied. We’ve got the 5 top secrets to share with you so you can start tonight!

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1. Put Sex On Your “To Do” List

5 Secrets Of Sexually Satisfied Couples Unveiled - Put Sex Onto Your 'To Do' List Follow Me on Pinterest

You might think that scheduling sex into your appointment book would ruin the spontaneity, but the truth is that by setting a time for it you remove all the excuses that you use to put it off.

Besides, couples who make sure to have regularly scheduled time together have been reported to have better quality sex and to enjoy it more than those who just grab sex on the fly.

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2. Variety Keeps It Fresh

The above tip aside, if you always have sex on the same day, in the same room, and in the same position, it can get to be so boring that you barely notice it happening.

5 Secrets Of Sexually Satisfied Couples Unveiled - Try Something Different, Such As Having Sex While Showering Follow Me on Pinterest

Insert a little novelty into your routine – have sex in a different room, or on a blanket on the floor. Try sex in the shower or tub! For a real change of pace, send the kids to Grandma’s house, and slip off to a hotel.

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3. Communication Is Key

You’ll never know what it is that makes your partner happy if he doesn’t tell you. You really can’t assume anything about his sexual preferences – something that always turned him on when you first got together may have gotten boring if you do it every single time you have sex.

5 Secrets Of Sexually Satisfied Couples Unveiled - Communication Is Key To Couples Being Sexually Satisfied Follow Me on Pinterest

Couples who keep the heat in their sex lives have learned to talk to each and aren’t afraid to say what they want – or what doesn’t work.
4. Unexpected Sex Can Rejuvenate Your Sex Life

You’d be amazed at the rejuvenating power of a little unexpected “afternoon delight”! The “quickie”, as it’s called, works precisely because it is so unexpected and visceral.

5 Secrets Of Sexually Satisfied Couples Unveiled - Unexpected Sex Can Help Rejuvenate Your Sex Life Follow Me on Pinterest

Some women especially say they aren’t satisfied with quickies because it isn’t enough time for their bodies to become aroused; fantasizing is a great way to jumpstart your body into physical readiness. And if you’re surprising him, you can always get a “head start” by masturbating first!
5. Trust Is The Key To Sexual Satisfaction

Sex is often a mirror of the state of the overall relationship. For truly exceptional sex that lasts, you must have a loving and trusting relationship.

5 Secrets Of Sexually Satisfied Couples Unveiled - For Truly Exceptional Sex That Last, You Must Have A Loving And Trusting Relationship Follow Me on Pinterest

Building this kind of trust and comfort in your relationship comes from “active listening”. That means that you really pay attention when you partner talks to you; that you are empathetic to what he says and can also confide your feelings to him.

It allows you to turn into true partners rather than competitors, and your sex life will be much better off for it.

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