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If a couple finds themselves getting bored of the same tired old routine, then it may be time to spice things up a bit by introducing some fun new sex games for a bit of play just before bedtime.

5 Sexy Games For Couples To Play In Bed Follow Me on Pinterest

You don’t have to wait to try out new things before you get bored however, as having fun in bed is a great way to rekindle a relationship that may have felt like the spark has gone out of it.

Have a look at these 5 sex games that could help put the zing back into your stagnating sex life.

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1. The Kissing Game

5 Sexy Games For Couples To Play In Bed - The Kissing Game Follow Me on Pinterest

Pick a movie that you will both enjoy, but before you sit to down to watch it, decide on some trigger events – Every time one of these triggers occurs in the move it’s time to lean over and give your partner a big smooch. Triggers could be anything such as an explosion, or whenever a particular word is said.

You may find that all of these kisses will soon turn into something a little more provocative, so make sure you leave some time later to come back and finish the movie.

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2. Kinky Cards

5 Sexy Games For Couples To Play In Bed - Kinky Cards Follow Me on Pinterest

Grab a deck of cards and make each suit represent some sort of sexy act such as touching, stimulation, or something more oral (and I don’t mean talking about it either).

Give the deck a good shuffle and take turns with your partner drawing a card. Whichever suit is on the card you draw is the action that your partner will perform on you. The catch is that the number on the card represents how long each of you have to continue with the act.

For instance, if you happen to draw a 10 of hearts then you are required to give your partner a 10 second hand job. If you partner draws the 2 of of diamonds then you get to have 2 seconds of oral sex performed on you… you lucky thing.

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3. Taste, Touch and Guess

5 Sexy Games For Couples To Play In Bed - Taste, Touch and Guess Follow Me on Pinterest

Any food you have in the kitchen is fair game for this activity. Some that work well are yogurt, honey, maple syrup, and even canned fruits.

Place these foods strategically over your body and tell your partner they have to find them blindfolded. They can search your body with either their mouth or their hands, but preferably both for twice the fun. Once they find some food they then have to identify it either by touching it or tasting it.

The great thing with this game is once you’ve both had your fill, you get to wash all the sticky stuff (ahem!) off each other in the shower.
4. Lusty Lit

5 Sexy Games For Couples To Play In Bed - Taste, Touch and Guess Follow Me on Pinterest

On your way to bed, grab a copy of your best erotica and start browsing for some of your favorite raunchy scenes. Once you find one that is suitably provocative you then take turns reading parts of the prose to each other.

When you or your partner has finished reading, it’s time to act out what you have just read. Acting out every little detail will ensure you both get some extra hot and lusty fun.
5. Lights Out

5 Sexy Games For Couples To Play In Bed - Lights Out Follow Me on Pinterest

Take two flashlights to bed with you (and no, it’s not what you think). Make sure all the lights in the house are out so it’s as dark as it can possibly be. Your partner now gets the fun job of shining a light on the parts of their body they would most like you to nibble on and run your tongue over.

It’s even more fun if they shine the light on you while you perform your sexy tongue roaming. When you’re done, it’s time for you to do the same. Of course, all this seductive licking and nibbling is going to lead to some hot and heavy action, so make sure you shed a little light on the action so you don’t miss any of the good bits.

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