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Has your man been keeping at arm’s length lately? Does he claim that he’s “too tired” for intimacy, or just not in the mood?

5 Things That Turns Guys Off Sex Follow Me on Pinterest

It might not be work that’s turning him off; it may be something you’ve done. Here we’re going to share 5 things you may be doing that could be killing the mood for him.

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1. No Foreplay

5 Things That Turns Guys Off Sex - Foreplay Is Not Just Important For Women, But For Men As Well Follow Me on Pinterest

We know how important foreplay can be for women; but most men enjoy foreplay too. It’s important that you initiate sex occasionally with foreplay for your partner or he may simply lose interest.

Letting your man know that you want him can put him back in the mood, so why don’t you be the one to take charge tonight!

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2. Not Handling The “Package” With Care

5 Things That Turns Guys Off Sex - If You're Not Careful With How You Touch Or Caress His Genitals, It Can Decrease His Desire Follow Me on Pinterest

If you’re not careful with how you touch or caress his genitals, it can decrease his desire.

If you’ve been pulling, squeezing or otherwise manhandling his manhood, you need to take a look at the discomfort you may be causing. A significant portion of men that we’ve interviewed have said that women have a tendency to be too hard on the man-parts; instead of causing pleasure, it just causes discomfort.

Here’s a tip; think of intercourse – the thrust is the most pleasurable part. So when you use your hand, stroke in the position from tip towards the base; avoid pulling too hard in the direction of base to tip.

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3. Thinking Fellatio Is Like Sucking A Popsicle

5 Things That Turns Guys Off Sex - Many Women Misunderstood That Giving Fellatio Is Similar To Licking An Ice-Pop Or Lollipop, But That Technique Isn't Really The Best Follow Me on Pinterest

Some women were taught that giving fellatio is similar to licking an ice-pop or lollipop, but that technique isn’t really the best.

It’s the suction that you create with your mouth that delivers such mind-blowing sensations. Other keys to oral sex that he’ll enjoy include providing lots of saliva for lubrication and avoiding any tooth contact.
4. You’re A “One-Position Polly”

5 Things That Turns Guys Off Sex - Engaging In The Same Sex Position All The Time Can Get Boring Follow Me on Pinterest

If you haven’t had a lot of sexual experiences, you may not be too savvy as far as different sexual positions. Using the same position all the time can get boring, and if you aren’t sure what to do, it can become awkward when you try anything different.

But there’s no reason not to educate yourself! Just pick up a book on sex, do an internet search of sexual positions – or even watch a little porn! You’re sure to find a few things that look interesting enough to try with your man.
5. Faking Orgasms

5 Things That Turns Guys Off Sex - One Of The Fastest Ways To Mess Up Your Sexual Relationship Is To Fake Orgasm Follow Me on Pinterest

One of the fastest ways to mess up your sexual relationship is to fake orgasm. You see, men can rarely tell if an orgasm is real or not, so if you fake it, he thinks he’s making all the right moves. And he’ll keep doing all the same things, believing that he’s rocking your world.

What you need to do is talk to him – tell him where to touch you, ask him what he likes. Take his hand and put it where you want it if you have to! An open and unashamed sexual relationship is the best way to make sure you both get the most out of your lovemaking.

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