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Death from a stroke is the fourth biggest killer in the United States, resulting in an annual death rate of close to 128,842 deaths.

5 Things You Can Do To Significantly Reduce Your Risk Of Stroke Follow Me on Pinterest

Age has a major effect on the mortality rate of stroke for the over 50 bracket, as each decade you make it past 55 increases your chances to nearly double – as reported by the American Stroke Association.

The news isn’t all bad as almost 50 per cent of strokes can be prevented.
A few of the strategies for preventing stroke aren’t at all easy, such as giving up smoking. There are other lifestyle choices available to you that can dramatically reduce your chances however.

The top 5 are outlined in the rest of the article below:

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1. Drinking Coffee And Green Tea

5 Things You Can Do To Significantly Reduce Your Risk Of Stroke - Drinking Coffee And Green Tea Follow Me on Pinterest

For once, you aren’t being told to give up something you love but rather to keep on with it. A study conducted in Japan over a 13 year period found that out of 83,000 subjects, the ones who consumed at least one cup of coffee daily reduced their chances of stroke by 20%.

Drinkers of two to three cups of green tea likewise had a 14% reduction in their risk category.

The US journal, Stroke, went on to suggest that having both beverages daily might provide the best benefit.

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2. Change Your Oil To Olive Oil

5 Things You Can Do To Significantly Reduce Your Risk Of Stroke - Change Your oil To Olive Oil Follow Me on Pinterest

You can use olive oil for drizzling, frying, baking, salad dressings – but make sure you use it regularly.

76,000 French adults over the age of 65 were studied and it was discovered that regular users of olive managed to reduce their risk of stroke by a tad over 40%.

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3. Eating Right

5 Things You Can Do To Significantly Reduce Your Risk Of Stroke - Eating Right Follow Me on Pinterest

Your choice of food can greatly affect how much at risk you are of suffering from a stroke.

When people were studied over their consumption of fruits and vegetables, they found that each every extra serve per day managed to reduce the chance of stroke by 6 per cent.

Some other studies have found that high-potassium diets with high amounts of spinach, potatoes, apricots, avocados, and bananas may also reduce the chance of being hit by a stroke.
4. Regular Exercise

5 Things You Can Do To Significantly Reduce Your Risk Of Stroke - Regular Exercise Follow Me on Pinterest

Exercise seems to reduce our risk of just about every disease known to man such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. All of these diseases are also linked to a high chance of stroke.

Physically active individuals are considered to have a 25 per cent to 30 per cent lower chance of suffering from a stroke.
5. Get The Right Amount Of Sleep

5 Things You Can Do To Significantly Reduce Your Risk Of Stroke - Get The Right Amount Of Sleep Follow Me on Pinterest

More than 10 hours of sleep actually increases your chances of stroke by nearly 63 per cent. Seven hours has been found to be the sweet spot for the biggest risk reduction.

Snorers are also likely to have double the chance of developing a metabolic syndrome – a group of symptoms that not only increase your chance of stroke but also diabetes and heart disease.

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