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The American Cancer Society has stated that detecting early warning signs for breast cancer can greatly enhance the chances for successful treatment, while also increasing your range of treatment options. You also have a higher chance for a full recovery should cancer be found.

5 Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer Every Woman Must Know Follow Me on Pinterest

For these reasons it is crucial that every woman learn what these early signs of detection are, and visit a doctor immediately after they are discovered.

What follows is a brief outline of some of the most common warning signs woman should regularly check for that indicates breast cancer may be present.

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1. Upper Back Pain

5 Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer Every Woman Must Know - Upper Back Pain Follow Me on Pinterest

Upper back pain is commonly found to be present before any of the other early warning signs of breast cancer.

The pain is usually specifically experienced between the shoulder blades, and is often mistaken for sore muscles, osteoarthritis, or pulled ligaments.

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2. Nipple Discharge

5 Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer Every Woman Must Know - Nipple Discharge Follow Me on Pinterest

This is a somewhat troubling symptom for woman but more often it is not a sign of breast cancer. Discharge is quite a common reaction for a nipple that has been squeezed.

When discharge without squeezing your nipple is noticed, that is clear and not milky, or has blood mixed in with it; these symptoms may be a signal for cancer. Discharge from one breast and not both can also be a sign of breast cancer.

Either of these signifiers should result in a consultation with your doctor immediately.

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3. Lumpiness Or Lumps In The Breast

5 Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer Every Woman Must Know - Lumpiness Or Lumps In The Breast Follow Me on Pinterest

Breast tissue in many women’s breasts has a lumpy texture. This is entirely natural, but for some women the lumpiness may be more conspicuous. However, lumpiness is rarely a sign that anything is amiss.

If the lumpiness is fairly uniform throughout both of the breasts then things are probably normal.

What women should look out for are unusual lumps that are harder than in the rest of the breast or breasts. Also, if there are any new lumps, these may also be a sign for further investigation, and a visit to the doctor should be scheduled as soon as possible.
4. Red, Sore And Itchy Breasts

5 Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer Every Woman Must Know - Red, Sore And Itchy Breasts Follow Me on Pinterest

Inflammatory breast cancer can make the skin feel rashy and hot to the touch. This is a rarer form of breast cancer and is less well known than the more regularly occurring breast tumors.

The afflicted breasts may also become sore, irritated and swollen. Skin is often found to be scaly with an angry red hue. Some may also notice purple areas resembling bruising appearing on their breast or breasts.
5. Breasts Changes In Size And/Or Shape

5 Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer Every Woman Must Know - Breasts Changes In Size And/Or Shape Follow Me on Pinterest

This symptom of breast cancer is most easily detected by regular inspection in front of a mirror. Raise and move your arms through different angles.

Check for differences such as is the breast a bit more oval than it was a couple of weeks ago, or do your bras suddenly feel a size too small? Is there more tissue present in one area than the last time you checked? Are the breasts uniform in appearance, or is one looking decidedly different to the other one?

Any one of these changes can be signifying the presence of breast cancer.
Summing Up

5 Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer Every Woman Must Know - An Appointment Should Be Made With A Doctor If Any Of The Above Signs Are Noticed Follow Me on Pinterest

It is rare that these signs are because of the presence of breast cancer but an appointment with a doctor should be made if any of them are noticed; just to be on the safe side.

If you have noted some symptoms but have just had a mammogram and been given the all clear, it is still wise to consult with your doctor to closely examine the changes.

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