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A lot of women are very conscious of not only their breast size, but the shape of them as well.

5 Ways To Increase Your Breast Size Without Surgery Or Pills Follow Me on Pinterest

Breast enhancement via surgery can be a scary prospect so most women would prefer to use natural procedures, due to the pain and expense involved with going under the knife.

If you want your breasts to look their best, check out these handy tips – no pain or expenses needed!

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1. Get The Correct Bra

5 Ways To Increase Your Breast Size Without Surgery Or Pills - Get The Correct Bra Follow Me on Pinterest

Don’t skimp on bras. It pays in comfort and looks to always spend a little extra and get something that is going to make you stand out (and do it comfortably).

Get help from the consultant if you are unsure. Push ups, padded, or underwire bras are good choices to look for.

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2. Regular Chest Muscle Exercises

5 Ways To Increase Your Breast Size Without Surgery Or Pills - Regular Chest Muscle Exercises Follow Me on Pinterest

Perform exercises that are targeted to increase the strength and size of the pectoral muscles that lie underneath the breasts.

Classic push ups are a well-known exercise that works these muscles. You could also try the dumbbell press and the dumbbell fly.

Find a good personal trainer if you need some motivation. They will guide you on the best ways to improve the strength in your pectoral muscles.

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3. Massage Your Breasts

5 Ways To Increase Your Breast Size Without Surgery Or Pills - Massage Your Breasts Follow Me on Pinterest

You could do it yourself but it’s always more relaxing to get someone else to do it.

Having your breasts massaged gets the blood flowing into them, which gives a slight boost in size. You’ll also get a satisfying feeling of fullness in your breasts afterwards as well.

The extra blood flow is also beneficial to the skin due the extra stimulation it will receive (from the massage). As a result, your skin will become noticeably firmer and tighter, as well as having the added benefit of fading out any stretch marks you may have developed on your breasts.
4. Correct Your Posture

5 Ways To Increase Your Breast Size Without Surgery Or Pills - Correct Your Posture Follow Me on Pinterest

Standing straight and pulling your shoulders back while at the same time pulling your abdominal muscles in will not only improve your posture, it will also make your breasts stand out and become more prominent.
5. Makeup

5 Ways To Increase Your Breast Size Without Surgery Or Pills - Makeup; Apply Blush One Shade Darker Than Your Natural Skin Tone In The Cleavage Area Follow Me on Pinterest

You can even apply a bit of makeup to make your breasts look bigger.

Applying blush one shade darker than your natural skin tone in the cleavage area will give the illusion of deeper cleavage than there actually is.

A shimmer makeup applied to the top of the breasts will also give them a fuller and rounder appearance.

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