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Getting ready to head out to the gym? Check your gym bag and make sure you’ve included all these items – they’ll help you maximize your workout while minimizing problems like injuries and dehydration:

6 Must-Have Items For Every Trip To The Gym Follow Me on Pinterest

1. Workout Shoes

6 Must-Have Items For Every Trip To The Gym - Workout Shoes Follow Me on Pinterest

You can’t just grab any old pair of shoes for working out; you need shoes that properly support your body for the activity you choose.

Different types of exercise use your feet in different ways; if you’re doing aerobics and weights, you should be fine with cross-trainers. But if you’re walking or running on the treadmill, you should make sure you’ve got trainers designed for running.

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2. A Supportive Sports Bra

6 Must-Have Items For Every Trip To The Gym - A Supportive Sports Bra Follow Me on Pinterest

The clothes you choose for working out aren’t that important – a T-shirt and sweat pants is just as good as any expensive spandex outfit. But do make sure to invest in a sports bra that properly supports your breasts. Insufficient support can actually lead to tearing of internal tissues. You may need to try several styles to find one that provides you with secure and comfortable support.

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3. Water Bottle

6 Must-Have Items For Every Trip To The Gym - Water Bottle Follow Me on Pinterest

Some people don’t bother with carrying a water bottle, as most gyms have water fountains available; however, we recommend using your own water bottle and avoiding the public drinking fountains for your own health and safety.

Besides, having your bottle right there at hand will encourage you to drink more and stay better hydrated while exercising. You should take in four to eight ounces of water every half hour.

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4. A Workout Plan

6 Must-Have Items For Every Trip To The Gym - A Workout Plan Follow Me on Pinterest

Do you ever head off to the gym, not exactly sure what you’re going to do when you get there?

You need to have a workout plan! Use it to map out your workouts over the course of the week or month, ensuring that you get enough variety in your workouts. Map out what type of workout you’ll be doing each day, plus how long you need to do each type of exercise.

Having a goal is only half the battle; you need to have a map or plan that gets you there, too! Your fitness plan will keep you on track, and make sure you hit those goals.
5. MP3 Player

6 Must-Have Items For Every Trip To The Gym - MP3 Player Follow Me on Pinterest

Even the most athletically minded of us lose our motivation at times; and face it, an hour on the treadmill can get boring. That’s why it’s great to have an MP3 player.

For some, a playlist full of upbeat or hardcore songs is the best way to make you really push and keep your energy up. If you’re looking to beat the monotony of walking in place, try listening to an informative podcast or interesting audio book.
6. A Gym Towel

6 Must-Have Items For Every Trip To The Gym - A Gym Towel Follow Me on Pinterest

Always bring your own towel to the gym.

You never can be too careful when it comes to your health; with your own towel, you know where it’s been and who has used it.

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