Remember when you and your partner first started getting it on together, how everything was new and exciting, and the slightest touch would put your sex drive in top gear?

6 Naughty Sex Acts That's Guaranteed To Drive Your Men Crazy
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Now, what if you could recapture that feeling – Would it reignite a dwindling flame?

Sex is like any sport – the more you practice, the better at it you’ll get. A wise man once said, “If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” Our hectic lives often get in the way though, and things can become fairly stagnant without some occasional drastic action.

If this is you, then fear not as these 6 naughty sex acts will definitely rev up your love life like you were 18 again…
1. Undressing With Oomph

6 Naughty Sex Acts That's Guaranteed To Drive Your Men Crazy - Undressing With Oomph
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It’s no surprise that men enjoy a good show, so sometimes what you leave on is infinitely more appealing to some males than just letting them get you butt naked in a hurry.

What really gets some fellas revved up is seeing their favorite women in some revealing lingerie.

So next time you’re getting ready for bed, make sure you wear something with a few extra frills and lace that is sure to drive your man crazy.

Don’t expect to get any sleep for a while though.
2. Dirty Dancing

6 Naughty Sex Acts That's Guaranteed To Drive Your Men Crazy - Dirty Dancing
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Men love visual stimuli. You can’t blame them, it’s just genetics.

What’s great for the girls though, is that they can take advantage of this inbuilt stimulus to put on a show and get their guys in the mood for a night of love.

A provocative strip tease is probably all it will take to ensure a night of passionate high jinks. If you’re game and put in the practice, you can up the ante by writhing on your man with a provocative lap dance. What bloke wouldn’t love that?
3. Get Kinky With It

6 Naughty Sex Acts That's Guaranteed To Drive Your Men Crazy - Get Kinky With It
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Blindfolds aren’t just for kids parties and donkey pictures. A blindfold in the bedroom is the perfect accessory for adding a touch of the mysterious to your lovemaking.

You could also try the good old standby of letting him to tie you to the bed posts. The trust factor will be an instant turn on.

If he’s into it, you both could take it in turns, and if he’s been a naughty boy, maybe he deserves a bit of a spanking while he’s trussed up. You never know, he may even like it… a lot!
4. Teasing can be Fun

6 Naughty Sex Acts That's Guaranteed To Drive Your Men Crazy - Teasing can be Fun
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Teasing isn’t all bad and in the right circumstances, it can even be good for your sex life.

Nothing is quite as stimulating as being lightly tickled in all the right spots. You can probably blame a demanding career, but sex for some ambitious couples often turns into a chore that just needs to be done and gotten over with.

Don’t fall into this trap, and learn to enjoy sex once again by planting feathery kisses on his cheeks, chest, and body. Go all over, but leave all the most important bits for last to make the moment endure just a little longer.

The longer you take to kiss him on his sweet spot, the more explosive and satisfying the sex will be.
5. The Wild Side

6 Naughty Sex Acts That's Guaranteed To Drive Your Men Crazy - The Wild Side
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Let your man explore his primal nature by doing it standing up.

Your guy will get a pleasing eyeful of your bouncing breasts and will enjoy the aroused expression on your face, if you let him hold you up against the wall while your legs straddle his lower back.

This is a very aggressive stance which can be sexually satisfying to both partners.

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6. Sensual Showers

6 Naughty Sex Acts That's Guaranteed To Drive Your Men Crazy - Sensual Showers
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Stand close together in the shower and let the warm water wash over both of you. This is the perfect place to have a passionate embrace with lots of kissing. Plus, the extra moisture just makes it feel all that more enticing.

Don’t forget to gaze lovingly into each others’ eyes to add to the bonding and intimacy!

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