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No matter how good you think you are in bed, no one is perfect. Every now and then, you’re going to make mistakes, total blunders in the sack that will leave you shaking your head. Trust us, you are not alone! Experts across the board know that this is happening every night, all over the world.

7 Awkward Moments During Sex (And Smart-Girl Tips To Deal With Them) Follow Me on Pinterest

Almost anything can happen, creating the most embarrassing scenarios imaginable. Even the pros have told us about performance anxiety issues and strange noises that happen all the time. The following awkward moments will either leave you laughing, or shaking your head, making you remember when these happened to you!

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1. Saying The Wrong Thing

7 Awkward Moments During Sex (And Smart-Girl Tips To Deal With Them) - Saying The Wrong Thing Follow Me on Pinterest

Almost everyone has said something they regret, especially during sex! It just comes out, and there’s no way to take it back.

The trick is to make a conscious effort to know what you want to say, and try to keep your mind focused on him. Because if you’re not, he’ll know when you scream out the other guy’s name!

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2. Children Ruining The Moment

7 Awkward Moments During Sex (And Smart-Girl Tips To Deal With Them) - Children Ruining The Moment Follow Me on Pinterest

If you have a family, your little boy or girl is bound to walk in during the act. You think they’re sleeping, but then they’re right there, asking for a late-night snack, and wondering what is going on.

When this happens, the best thing you can do is talk to them right away. Tell them “Mommy and Daddy just love each other, and what you just saw is what married people do when they care for one another.”

Events like this might also inspire you to invest in something like a lock on your door, just to make sure this never happens again!

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3. You Didn’t Shave!

7 Awkward Moments During Sex (And Smart-Girl Tips To Deal With Them) - You Didn't Shave! Follow Me on Pinterest

Sometimes women forget to shave their legs. This can be a big problem, especially when there is a lot of repetitive friction. You might look great, and everything else is fine, but all that extra hair is going to cause a little pain.

The best thing to do is to remind yourself, especially before that big date, that you need to shave your legs at least 48 hours before you meet and things get out of control.
4. One Of You Passes Gas

7 Awkward Moments During Sex (And Smart-Girl Tips To Deal With Them) - One Of You Passes Gas Follow Me on Pinterest

If you are alive, you’re going to pass gas. It’s a natural occurrence that sometimes happens up to 25 times a day. And when you are having sex, it’s bound to happen more often.

This can be a real mood killer, so just get past it, move on, apologize, and get back to business!
5. Someone Is “Not in the Mood”

7 Awkward Moments During Sex (And Smart-Girl Tips To Deal With Them) - Someone Is 'Not in the Mood' Follow Me on Pinterest

Every now and then, one person might be in the mood for sex, but the other one doesn’t want to do anything. This might hurt someone’s feelings, making the room uncomfortably silent and awkward for everyone involved.

A rule that should always be adhered to is that either party can say no, and no one should be made to feel guilty for any reason.
6. Falling Asleep During the Act

7 Awkward Moments During Sex (And Smart-Girl Tips To Deal With Them) - Falling Asleep During the Act Follow Me on Pinterest

There is nothing more traumatizing than having one partner fall asleep when the other one is aroused. If you work a job, and have a family, all of that can push you to the point of exhaustion.

Just be honest, telling the other person you are simply too tired. This is the best way to avoid hurt feelings if your fatigue is getting the best of you.
7. Accidentally Hurting Someone

7 Awkward Moments During Sex (And Smart-Girl Tips To Deal With Them) - Accidentally Hurting Someone Follow Me on Pinterest

Rough sex is one of the easiest ways to accidentally hurt the other person. You might even hurt yourself! Depending on how hard you’re going at it, you could pull a muscle, accidentally scratch, bite, or maim someone in the act.

The best thing to do is stop, laugh it off, and get something for the injury, even if that means taking something for the pain were getting bandaged up.
The above are some of the most embarrassing things that can happen during sex, awkward moments that, after they happen, you won’t soon forget.

Just by knowing these things can happen, you’ll have a better chance of preventing some of the accidents are happening, and at the very least, you will be able to deal with the situations when they occur.

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