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For those of you who hate going to the gym to workout, here’s a piece of good news for you, and that is, you do not have to spend long hours in the gym every single day in order to burn calories.

7 Easy Ways To Burn Calories That Work Wonders Follow Me on Pinterest

There are many simple activities which you can perform to burn calories. And the best part is, some of these activities will in fact, help you burn more calories than you think they can!

In this article, you’ll find 7 easy ways to burn calories… Many of them we’re sure you’ve never heard of in the past!

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1. Park Your Car As Far As You Can

The next time you need to go for grocery shopping, park your car in the furthest parking lot, and jog to the front door (of the grocery store).

7 Easy Ways To Burn Calories That Work Wonders - Use A Shopping Basket Instead Of A Shopping Cart The Next Time You Go Grocery Shopping... As Carrying A Shopping Basket Allow You To Burn More Calories As Compared To Pushing The Shopping Cart Follow Me on Pinterest

Also, you’ll want to use a shopping basket instead of a shopping cart, and do some speed walking up and down the aisles while you all the groceries what you need. And finally, when you’re done, carry your shopping bags and speed walk back to your car to burn even more calories.

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2. Eat Using Chopsticks

7 Easy Ways To Burn Calories That Work Wonders - Eat Using Chopsticks Instead Of Using A Fork... It'll Help To Slow Down The Rate You Shove Food Into Your Mouth, And It Is Said You'll Consume 25% Less Calories When Eating Using Chopsticks Follow Me on Pinterest

Do you know when you use chopsticks you’ll lose weight?

It’s a fact that when you change to using chopsticks to eat, you’ll eat 25% less calories as compared to eating using a fork. Also, using chopsticks also helps to slow down the rate at which you shove food into your mouth.

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3. Do Housework

7 Easy Ways To Burn Calories That Work Wonders - Doing Housework Is Another Way You Can Burn Calories, While Keeping Your House Spick And Span, And Comfortable To Be In... Follow Me on Pinterest

Do you know that, doing housework is another way you can burn calories?

Simple activities such as washing the windows, cleaning your toilet bathtub, vacuuming and mopping your entire house, folding your laundry, etc., can help burn some extra calories and in time, helping you melt off some extra pounds off your body!
4. Have A Good Laugh!

7 Easy Ways To Burn Calories That Work Wonders - Having A Good Laugh For 10 Minutes A Day Helps Burn 100 Calories! Follow Me on Pinterest

Yes! Finding something to laugh about not only works to help you get relief from all stress and tension, it can also help you burn some extra calories as well (it is estimated that laughing for 10-minutes will help burn about 100 calories!)

What you can do starting today is to allocate 10 minutes a day watching your favorite comedy show, or funny video clips on YouTube, and have a good laugh!
5. Rearrange Furniture In Your Living Room

7 Easy Ways To Burn Calories That Work Wonders - Rearrange Furniture In Your Living Room Follow Me on Pinterest

By saying that, we do not mean moving all your living room furniture into the dining area, but rather re-arranging your furniture in your living room, giving it a new layout.

It is a good workout that burns about 266 calories for 30 minutes of moving items around.
6. Dance To Your Favorite Tunes

7 Easy Ways To Burn Calories That Work Wonders - Rock Out To Your Favorite Tunes! Follow Me on Pinterest

Grab the kids, hubby/wife, or go for it alone, and dance around to your favorite tunes. You can burn some calories while dancing to some of your favorite songs and artists (approximately 100 calories per song). And that’s in fact a lot of calories burned for dancing around to just one song!
7. Take The Stairs!

7 Easy Ways To Burn Calories That Work Wonders - Whenever Possible, Take The Stairs Follow Me on Pinterest

Whenever there are stairs, take them! The act of walking the stairs can burn about 100 calories for 20 steps.

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