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It is so important to have an active and healthy sex life. Eating certain foods can help you to be in the mood for sex more often.

7 Foods To Give Your Female Libido A Superboost Follow Me on Pinterest

Some foods in particular are known for their ability to increase the female libido so a woman’s sex drive is healthier. This is because some foods cause a woman’s body to release serotonin, which is essential for the female libido to be at an optimal level.

The following information will teach you about 7 foods that are believed to greatly increase the female libido.

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1. Oysters

7 Foods To Give Your Female Libido A Superboost - Oysters Follow Me on Pinterest

Oysters are a fun aphrodisiac because they have an effect on both the male libido and the female libido.

That is because oysters raises the amount of damine that the body releases. The increased dopamine level causes an increase in both the male and female libido.

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2. Dark Chocolate

7 Foods To Give Your Female Libido A Superboost - Dark Chocolate Follow Me on Pinterest

If you are a woman who loves chocolate, you will love to hear that it is a great female libido booster.

Dark chocolate contains phenylethlamine, which is known to make a woman feel similar to the way she does when she is in love. It also contains serotonin, which is a known mood booster.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a 2006 study of the effects of chocolate on women and found that those who ate chocolate every day had more sexual activity than the women who did not eat chocolate each day.

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3. Avocados

7 Foods To Give Your Female Libido A Superboost - Avocados Follow Me on Pinterest

Avocados are a good source of folic acid and also contain a large amount of vitamin B. Both of these are known to increase the female libido.

Plus, folic acid will increase your overall energy level, and vitamin B6 will help your thyroid gland to function properly so that your body produces the right hormones to ensure a healthy sex drive.
4. Pumpkin Seeds

7 Foods To Give Your Female Libido A Superboost - Pumpkin Seeds Follow Me on Pinterest

Eating pumpkin seeds is another great way to increase the female sex drive, as they contain large amounts of zinc and omega 3 fatty acids. Both Zinc and omega 3 fatty acids work to help a woman have a higher libido.
5. Spicy Foods

7 Foods To Give Your Female Libido A Superboost - Spicy Foods Follow Me on Pinterest

Spicy foods warm up your body when you eat them. That is why a particularly hot dish will make your brow sweaty.

On top of that, spicy food increases your body’s blood circulation as well. It also make a woman’s body produce more endorphins so she can get in the mood much more easily.
6. Cinnamon

7 Foods To Give Your Female Libido A Superboost - Cinnamon Follow Me on Pinterest

Like spicy foods, cinnamon warms up the body and is a wonderful libido booster. That is why it is used in massage oil products.

You should try adding some cinnamon to your evening meal. Not only will it spice up the dish, it might just spice things up in the bedroom too!
7. Asparagus

7 Foods To Give Your Female Libido A Superboost - Asparagus Follow Me on Pinterest

Asparagus contains a great deal of vitamin E, which can help to facilitate the production of testosterone.

Asparagus also contains many various vitamins and minerals, including folic acid. Folic acid is known to raise histamine production levels in women, and histamine helps women to have orgasms more easily.

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