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In any relationship, love and respect for each other are the most important aspects. But sometimes, boredom can creep into the bedroom. Sometimes, it’s important to bring some fun and excitement into your lovemaking.

7 Fun Sex Games To Spice Up Your Love Life Follow Me on Pinterest

Instead of spending another day doing the same old thing, why not surprise your boyfriend or husband with something he’d never expect? Turn that afternoon yawn into an afternoon delight with any one of these 7 sexy ideas for spicing up your lovemaking. It might even give you the push to come up with a few ideas of your own!

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1. Strip Poker Or Strip Dice

7 Fun Sex Games To Spice Up Your Love Life - Strip Poker Follow Me on Pinterest

Strip poker is the classic “get in the mood” game, and it will be all the more exciting to him because you suggested it. The fun comes in the anticipation! It can be lots of fun to play with another couple, too!

If you don’t have cards, pull out some dice from one of your board games and roll for high or low! If you have enough dice, you can even play strip “yahtzee”. No dice either? Write sexy suggestions on little slips of paper, then take turns picking one – and you have to follow through with whatever it says!

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2. Role Playing

7 Fun Sex Games To Spice Up Your Love Life - Role Playing Follow Me on Pinterest

One of the best things about role playing is that it helps you drop any of your inhibitions. By stepping into a character, you can “pretend” that you’re someone more adventurous. The idea is to dress up as the characters you wish to play – and then seduce (or playfully force) each other into sexy times!

Some classic role play choices are doctor/nurse, teacher/student, millionaire/French maid, or socialite/pool boy. Try one of these, or pick your own and go for it.

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3. Pretend Drunk

7 Fun Sex Games To Spice Up Your Love Life - Pretend Drunk Follow Me on Pinterest

We’re not talking about drunk and wasted here; but remember how fun it is to have sex when you’ve got that buzz going on? Playing drunk can be just as fun! Pretend to be strangers who have bumped into each other in a nightclub or on the dance floor.

Tell him to “take advantage of the drunk girl,” and do anything he’d like. You can pretend to resist, which can be a big turn on.

(Please note, we would never recommend actually taking advantage of an intoxicated partner; in no way do we condone forcing sex upon a partner who is resisting.)
4. Erotic Massage

7 Fun Sex Games To Spice Up Your Love Life - Erotic Massage Follow Me on Pinterest

Erotic massage is probably much easier than you think – the key is in the “happy ending!” You can use body lotion, massage oil, or even a bit of vegetable oil if you don’t have anything else. Give him a massage, starting at the toes then work your way up to his intimate parts – help him “finish” with your hands or mouth.
5. Body Painting

7 Fun Sex Games To Spice Up Your Love Life - Body Painting Follow Me on Pinterest

Body painting can take a bit of pre-planning, but it’s so much fun! There are edible body paints that you can buy, or simply use watercolors. Make sure to cover the bed with old sheets you don’t mind staining. Painting each other is loads of fun – and so is the shower together afterwards.
6. Play Out The Characters In An Erotic Story

7 Fun Sex Games To Spice Up Your Love Life - Play Out The Characters In An Erotic Story Follow Me on Pinterest

Pick out your favorite characters from an erotic novel, and read out the actions during one of the hottest and steamiest chapters. As you read each action (for instance, “He reached out to stroke her breast”), you and your partner act it out. Odds are, you won’t make it to the end of the page!
7. Cross-Dressing

7 Fun Sex Games To Spice Up Your Love Life - Cross-Dressing Follow Me on Pinterest

This is a little kinky for some men, but you might have a lot of fun cross-dressing. Pick out clothes for each other from your own wardrobe and try them on – right down to the underwear! Once you’re dressed up as each other, it’s time to make out. Many men are surprised by how much they like the feel of sexy women’s panties – it can feel very erotic for them.


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