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Are you having sex a dozen times a day? A dozen times a week? How about each month? You may be surprised to know that having sex more often than you already are can have some very beneficial effects on your health and your mental status.

7 Health Benefits Of Having More Sex (Most Of Them You Don't Know About!) Follow Me on Pinterest

Whether you’ve been feeling depressed, unattractive, or ill, having sex more often can make it better! Let’s take a look at 7 of the surprising benefits that having more sex can bring:

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1. Give Your Skin That Healthy Glow

7 Health Benefits Of Having More Sex - Give Your Skin A Healthy Glow Follow Me on Pinterest

During sex, your body releases estrogen. Studies have shown that increased estrogen levels have an effect on the health of your skin and hair.

Dermatitis and acne are also improved by regular romps in the hay, so if you’re suffering from breakouts you may want to try scheduling in sex a few times a week.

In fact, just the sweat produced while having sex will help clean debris from pores, making your skin glow healthier.

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2. Tones Muscles And Provides Cardio Benefits

7 Health Benefits Of Having More Sex - Tones Muscles And Provides Cardio Benefits Follow Me on Pinterest

While make out sessions are no replacement for your gym time, they do work to stretch and tone the muscles as well as raise the heartbeat to cardio healthy levels.

And it’s a lot more fun than the treadmill!

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3. Helps With Depression

7 Health Benefits Of Having More Sex - Helps With Depression Follow Me on Pinterest

When you have sex – especially with orgasm – your body releases a big shot of endorphins into your system. The result (as most of us are aware of!) is a feeling of blissful relaxation that can last for hours.
4. The More Sex You Have, The More Sex You Get

7 Health Benefits Of Having More Sex - The More Sex You Have, The More Sex You Get Follow Me on Pinterest

That may sound redundant, but bear with us a moment!

When you’re sexually active, your body releases pheromones, a chemical which act in part to attract members of the opposite sex. While they’re unnoticeable to the conscious mind, your body does react to them.

So next time you wonder why that one hot guy gets so much action despite sleeping around, there’s your answer!
5. Sex Helps You Sleep Well

7 Health Benefits Of Having More Sex - Sex Helps You Sleep Well Follow Me on Pinterest

It’s why so many people have sex at bedtime – sex will knock you right out! When you orgasm, melatonin is released into the body. Melatonin is well known as the chemical which causes sleepiness. If you’re having trouble getting to sleep, try sex – nature’s sleep aid!
6. Better Than Benedryl

7 Health Benefits Of Having More Sex - Suffering From Hay Fever, Or From Persistent Night Time Congestion? Try Sex... It Works Better Than Benedryl To Unclog Nasal Passages To Clear Mild Congestion Follow Me on Pinterest

Do you have hay fever, or suffer from persistent night time congestion? Try sex! It can actually work like an antihistamine to unclog nasal passages to clear mild congestion.
7. No More Headaches

7 Health Benefits Of Having More Sex - No More Headaches Follow Me on Pinterest

Has work given you a tension headache? Sex can fix that for you!

Sex relaxes the body, and relaxed muscles have better blood flow, including in the head, which can bring instant relief to your headache. Some find this to be true with migraines too but be careful; others say sex can worsen their migraines. Know what works best for you.

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