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We’ve all got our own favorite make up tips and tricks, but sometimes it’s the things we get wrong that get us noticed for all the wrong reasons.

7 Makeup Tips And Secrets Nobody Ever Tells You! Follow Me on Pinterest

Here are 7 make up bloopers even your best friend might be too embarrassed to point out – and how to avoid them.

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1. Caked-On Foundation

7 Makeup Tips And Secrets Nobody Ever Tells You! - Applying Too Much Powder Over Old Foundation Will Make It Look Cakey Follow Me on Pinterest

OK so it’s hot and you need to stay fresh, but honestly, plastering more powder on your already made up face every time you nip to the loo isn’t doing it for you. Too much powder applied over old foundation just looks cakey.

Instead of adding more and more layers of sweaty make up, use blotting paper to dab sweat off while leaving your skin flawless underneath.

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2. Apple Cheeks

7 Makeup Tips And Secrets Nobody Ever Tells You! - Blusher Should Shape And Highlight Your Cheekbones, Not Make You Look Like A Painted Doll With Two Round Pink Splodges Follow Me on Pinterest

Blusher should shape and highlight your cheekbones, not make you look like a painted doll with two round pink splodges.

Apply from the ball of your cheek beneath the bone out toward the hairline, and then dust a light powdering of a lighter shade (even a pale eye shadow will do) over the bone to add shape and definition. Finally, blend with your fingertips, or wipe off excess powder with a cotton wool ball for a natural understated look.

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3. Orange Skin And Tidemarks

Get the shade of your foundation wrong and all your effort is in vain. Don’t choose a foundation more than a shade or two away from your natural skin tone, otherwise you’ll have visible tidemarks where it ends.

7 Makeup Tips And Secrets Nobody Ever Tells You! - Go For A Foundation Similar To Your Own Skin Tone Follow Me on Pinterest

Instead, go for a foundation similar to your own tone, and apply sparingly to your cheeks and T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) blending outward toward your hairline and jaw.
4. Save The Smoldering Eyes For Evenings Out

7 Makeup Tips And Secrets Nobody Ever Tells You! - You Don't Need Heavy Smoky Eyes All Day Everyday Follow Me on Pinterest

You don’t need heavy smoky eyes all day every day. If you’re naturally pale or work in a well-lit office or outdoors, a natural look will work much better for everyday wear.

Opt for natural browns and beiges with a little pink for brown eyes. Choose blue or green to match your eye color otherwise, and go for brown or grey eyeliner. That way, when you do go all out for a special occasion, it will be even more effective.
5. Bring Your Evening Look To Life

When it is time to transition from day to evening make up, you don’t need to strip right back and start again.

7 Makeup Tips And Secrets Nobody Ever Tells You! - Bring Your Evening Look To Life By Applying A Stronger Shade Of Lipstick Follow Me on Pinterest

All you really need do is reapply eye color in stronger shades, and go for a stronger shade of lipstick.
6. Get The Lashes Right

7 Makeup Tips And Secrets Nobody Ever Tells You! - Nothing Looks Worse On The Eyes Than Clumpy Heavy Mascara Follow Me on Pinterest

Nothing looks worse on your eyes than a clumpy heavy mascara. You want lashes that look full and lush but still natural.

To get the best effect, use a lengthening mascara with a fine bristled comb to coat the lashes from root to tip. Once you’ve let this dry, add a thickening mascara to build volume towards the tips, focusing on the outer corner of the eye for that flicked out effect.

The top tip, though, is to use a lash comb to separate the lashes, and remove those unsightly clumps.
7. Lip Service

We all want full pouty lips, and slathering on a heavy plumping gloss is tempting. If you really want to make your lips kissable, though, make sure you keep them in great condition.

7 Makeup Tips And Secrets Nobody Ever Tells You! - Use A Wet Toothbrush To Slough Off Dead Skin On Your Lips Follow Me on Pinterest

Use a wet toothbrush to slough off dead skin when you brush your teeth (gently, you don’t want to make them chapped and sore) and use a protective balm in cold weather.

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