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The cold weather is once again upon us and the battle against colds, flus, sniffles, and all associated aches and pains is raging in full force. When you’re healthy, time flies – but when you’re sick, the day can feel like an eternity.

7 Natural Cold And Flu Remedies That Really Work Follow Me on Pinterest

As there is no known cure for colds and flus, over the counter drugs can only dampen or shorten the symptoms at best – at least they provide some relief.

There are other natural alternatives you can try which end up being better for your body as you aren’t loading it up with drugs. Here are 7 of the most effective natural treatments known to man:

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1. Oatmeal

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Oatmeal, like other whole grains, contains a good quantity of zinc, selenium, and beta glucan. These all have the effect of bolstering the immune system so it can more efficiently ward off infections such as colds and flus.

You could also try including a generous serving of yogurt in your oats as the probiotics in yogurt also provide virus protection for you respiratory system.

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2. Orange Juice

7 Natural Cold And Flu Remedies That Really Work - Orange Juice Follow Me on Pinterest

A strong immune system needs vitamin C and what better way to get it than in a nice glass of fresh orange juice. Vitamin C can reduce the severity and duration of a cold but it also acts as an excellent natural decongestant.

A cup of orange juice contains 124mg of vitamin C on average, but you need to aim for 500mg of vitamin C intake about four times a day.

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3. Peppermint Tea

7 Natural Cold And Flu Remedies That Really Work - Peppermint Tea Follow Me on Pinterest

Peppermint tea contains a veritable smorgasbord of nutrients to ward off disease. If you are feeling a bit congested it also works a treat as an expectorant.
4. Hot Chicken Soup

7 Natural Cold And Flu Remedies That Really Work - Hot Chicken Soup Follow Me on Pinterest

The flu can often make eating difficult due to the sore throat it can inflict on us. Sipping some hot chicken soup is a great way to get some relief.

Hot chicken soup will help decongest you as it is a powerful mucus stimulant. To give it a bit of a boost, you can load it up with pepper, hot curry powder, garlic, or whatever other pungent spices you prefer to help reduce the mucus build up in your lungs and throat.

Studies have even been completed which suggest that chicken soup stimulates the cilia, tiny hair like projections lining the nasal passage which transport foreign material out of the body (including bacteria and viruses).

It’s also been reported that by drinking chicken soup you are improving the disease fighting capabilities of the white blood cells.
5. Lemon And Honey Hot Tea

7 Natural Cold And Flu Remedies That Really Work - Lemon And Honey Hot Tea Follow Me on Pinterest

Drinking plenty of liquids during bouts of the flu is essential, and they work even better if the drinks are hot.

Black tea contains interferon which is an excellent deterrent for viruses. Throw in a good-sized teaspoon of anti-oxidant rich honey, and a dash of lemon juice for a quick and tasty injection of immunity boosting vitamin C.
6. Garlic

7 Natural Cold And Flu Remedies That Really Work - Garlic Follow Me on Pinterest

The ability of garlic to ward of vampires has, thankfully, never been proven but it does have plenty of evidence to support its cold and flu fighting ability. It gets its immune boosting properties from allicin, and is also believed to provide some relief from cold and flu symptoms.

Take one or two crushed cloves and steep them in hot water. Drink it as you would a tea.
7. Mushrooms

7 Natural Cold And Flu Remedies That Really Work - Mushrooms Follow Me on Pinterest

White button mushrooms in particular have studies behind them that show they are little powerhouses for boosting your immunity levels.

Button mushrooms speed up the production of antiviral proteins which go to work destroying and deactivating the foreign bodies that make you ill.

Mushrooms are great cooked but eating them raw is best (heat destroys nutrients) – just throw a few into your salad.

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