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Every year, there seem to see an increase in the number of yoga clinics opening up around the country. People are really catching on to the wonderful benefits that practicing yoga brings to their overall state of well-being.

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Whether you’re a complete beginner or you have been participating in yoga for a while, it’s always beneficial to learn the important health benefits that yoga can have.

With that in mind, this article attempts to outline some of the positive aspects to your health that a weekly regime of yoga sessions can bring.

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1.Control Weight Gain

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It’s not the most calorie crushing of exercise routines, but it does help to keep off a little of the extra weight you would otherwise be carrying.

A study has shown that out of a sample of 15,500 participants of yoga practicing adults (all with a single weekly session of yoga that lasts only 30 minutes), the average weight gain was three fewer pounds per annum over a four year period.

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2. Improved Performance Between The Sheets

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Yoga makes you more flexible and we all know how flexibility can greatly aid in a top-notch bedroom performance. Yoga helps to increase blood flow to the pelvic area, which in turn heightens sensitivity and an increase in desire.

For greater orgasms, focus on yoga poses that rely on balance and abdominal contractions. More intense orgasms come about because of stronger pelvic muscles and overall core strength.

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3. Healthier Happier Pregnancies

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Yoga’s core principals center on peace and happiness, so continuing on with it during pregnancy may help your unborn child arrive a little less stressed.

Studies have even shown that yoga during pregnancy does statistically reduce the chances of complications during delivery.
4. Sleep Easier

7 Proven Health Benefits Of Yoga - Sleep Easier Follow Me on Pinterest

A recent study in the benefits of yoga indicated that it may help improve sleeping patterns for insomniacs.

After two months of 45 minute long sessions of yoga before bedtime, sufferers of sleep disorders were able to fall asleep 15 minutes faster on average.
5. Reduce Aches And Pains

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You can potentially reduce or eliminate that pesky lower back pain.

A yoga class of back pain sufferers doing two 90 minute yoga sessions a week eased their pain by 56 per cent in as little as 6 months.
6. Healthy Cardiovascular System

7 Proven Health Benefits Of Yoga - Healthy Cardiovascular System Follow Me on Pinterest

Yet another study provides evidence that yoga promotes a healthy cardiovascular system.

The survey recorded results from 98 adults, and found that health problems relating to hypertension, coronary, diabetes, and artery disease had all improved.

Participants showed improvements in blood sugar and total cholesterol levels simply by regularly practicing a yoga routine.
7. Peace And Serenity

7 Proven Health Benefits Of Yoga - Peace And Serenity Follow Me on Pinterest

Woman doing a yoga routine regularly for two years showed a drop in levels of up to 41% of a cytokine (from the protein family) which is known to be released during periods of tension.

This particular protein is responsible for one’s tired and grumpy mood. So if you think you may be a bit grumpier than usual, maybe a weekly session of yoga is just what you need!

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