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One fun and sexy way for couples to keep the spark alive in their relationship is the quickie. If you’ve never indulged, it’s long past time that you should!

7 Sexy Ideas For An Afternoon Quickie Follow Me on Pinterest

One of the secrets of a quickie is that it makes you feel like you’re being “bad” – like back in the day when your biggest worry was that your parents might walk in on you. That’s why the best quickies happen in places where there’s always at least a small risk of being caught.

We’ve made a list of some of the best places for you to go and sneak in a little afternoon delight with your partner…

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1. Retail Store Changing Rooms

7 Sexy Ideas For An Afternoon Quickie: Retail Store Changing Rooms Follow Me on Pinterest

Surprising your partner with some sexy lingerie is always fun, but how about inviting him into the changing room to help you choose?

Sliding into some sexy lingerie in front of all those mirrors is a definite turn on, and the available seating and general lack of security make changing rooms a classic spot to grab a quickie.

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2. Hotel Balconies

7 Sexy Ideas For An Afternoon Quickie: Hotel Balconies Follow Me on Pinterest

Hotels are a classic spot for a little afternoon fling, but have you ever considered the balcony? Sitting outside with a drink watching the sun set can be very conducive to spur-of-the-moment getting it on. And there’s the added thrill of watching the people on the ground, knowing they can’t tell what you’re doing!

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3. In The Beach

7 Sexy Ideas For An Afternoon Quickie: In The Beach Follow Me on Pinterest

There are few things that are more sensual than lying out in the summer sun, barely dressed and slathered with oil. It’s nearly impossible to resist looking over at your partner lying beside you – and when the urge is too much, you just need to head off into the water. The people on the beach will have to wonder if you’re just kissing or if there’s something more going on under the waves!
4. The Gym Locker Room

7 Sexy Ideas For An Afternoon Quickie: The Gym Locker Room Follow Me on Pinterest

Is there anything sexier than watching your man play sports? Hot and sweaty, taking off his shirt – it’s enough to make a woman weak in the knees! And when he wins, you get to sneak into the locker room for a celebrations quickie – it’s a win for everybody.
5. During A Shower

7 Sexy Ideas For An Afternoon Quickie: During A Shower Follow Me on Pinterest

Granted that your bathroom shower isn’t necessarily the most risky location, surprising him as he soaps up is a great way to add some spice to your love life. And what a way to get him energized for a day at work!
6. At The Drive-In

7 Sexy Ideas For An Afternoon Quickie: At The Drive-In Follow Me on Pinterest

While drive-ins are getting harder to find, you’ve got to admit that it’s definitely worth the drive! The combination of two of your favorite teen-age make out spots – in your car and at the movies – is enough to get your heat rising as you remember all those wild escapades of your youth. Just remember to take the SUV, not the hybrid!
7. In A Nightclub

7 Sexy Ideas For An Afternoon Quickie: In A Nightclub Follow Me on Pinterest

Nightclubs are designed to put sex on your mind: first they loosen you up with mixed drinks, then you spend the night rubbing against hot bodies on the dance floor. How are you supposed to resist? Since you’re already grinding against strangers anyway, you might as well take it to the next level and get a quickie in a dark corner!

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