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Our bodies march inexorably toward old age. Every year, our bodies go through changes, both physical and mental, and there is nothing much we can do about it.

9 Anti-Aging Foods You Should Eat To Stop The Clock Follow Me on Pinterest

However, we can slow down the body clock, and in some case we may even be able to reverse it for a time. Mostly, this involves eating healthily and exercising.

Incorporate the 9 foods listed in this article to help you belie your calendar years by a decade or two.

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1. Avocado

9 Anti-Aging Foods You Should Eat To Stop The Clock - Avocado Follow Me on Pinterest

Rich in vitamin E, chock full of skin and hair enhancing antioxidants for a healthy glow, the avocado is a delicious addition to any diet.

Included in the package is a source for folate, which is an essential ingredient to give your skin its cell regeneration ability that helps to create a complexion mostly reserved for the youth.

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2. Nuts

9 Anti-Aging Foods You Should Eat To Stop The Clock - Nuts Follow Me on Pinterest

Nuts are packed full of protein, vitamins B and E, and magnesium. All of these vitamins and minerals are well known for their ability to ward off cancer and prevent heart disease.

You can’t even knock them for their high fat content as it’s the healthy for your heart variety.

You don’t need many, just a few handfuls (about a quarter of a cup) a week is plenty; which works out to only 15 to 20 pecans, walnuts, cashews, and almonds.

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3. Coffee

9 Anti-Aging Foods You Should Eat To Stop The Clock - Coffee Follow Me on Pinterest

Coffee has a bad reputation but a lot of that is undeserved. Studies are now indicating that a regular drinker of coffee actually has less chance of suffering from heart disease.

If that wasn’t enough reason to start up your coffee habit again, you may also reduce your risk of contracting Parkinson’s disease and type-2 diabetes.
4. Green Tea

9 Anti-Aging Foods You Should Eat To Stop The Clock - Green Tea Follow Me on Pinterest

Green tea may actually defy the aging process according to a Chinese study that researched test subjects on the health benefits of 3 cups of green tea a day.

It all comes about due to the possibility that green tea may have the ability to enhance your DNA construction, and retard the aging process which is responsible for the shortening of cells.
5. Red Wine

9 Anti-Aging Foods You Should Eat To Stop The Clock - Red Wine Follow Me on Pinterest

Red wine is made from grapes, which are naturally full of antioxidants; in particular, the variety of antioxidant that can protect your heart against disease.

The skin of the red grape can also play a part as it can resist the influence of aging due to a concentration of resveratrol – which is a powerful anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory compound.

Don’t like red wine? Then just add grapes, cranberries, blueberries and peanuts to your diet for the same benefits.
6. Garlic

9 Anti-Aging Foods You Should Eat To Stop The Clock - Garlic Follow Me on Pinterest

Garlic can protect your heart and cleanse your blood; plus, according to recent studies, it also has the power to reduce the chances of certain cancers, chiefly colon and stomach cancers.

With all of those abilities you couldn’t ask much more of garlic, but it is also considered to have great benefits in lowering LDL cholesterol (which is the bad kind).
7. Olive Oil

9 Anti-Aging Foods You Should Eat To Stop The Clock - Olive Oil Follow Me on Pinterest

About 40 years ago The Seven Countries Study set out to discover why heart disease and cancer had such comparatively low mortality rates in Crete, one of the Greek islands. The study concluded that their high consumption of monounsaturated fats from olive oil were responsible.

Since then it has also been revealed that olive oil is also heavily made up of polyphenols, which are antioxidants powerful enough to combat age-related diseases.
8. Water

9 Anti-Aging Foods You Should Eat To Stop The Clock - Water Follow Me on Pinterest

As we get older we should also increase our daily consumption of water. Water is excellent for waylaying the many effects that aging has on the body.

Water will help you to ward off wrinkles and can keep your skin looking vital.
9. Salmon

9 Anti-Aging Foods You Should Eat To Stop The Clock - Salmon Follow Me on Pinterest

Just two servings of salmon a week will give you a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids. These have well known properties for defending against heart disease, and keeping your skin soft and flexible.

There are other reasons to have a bit of salmon on your plate as 3 ounces will give you more than your daily intake of the required vitamin B12 (170% in fact). Vitamin B12 is crucial if you want to keep a strong and healthy heart.

You will also be promoting healthy blood pressure, as this amount of salmon contains over 80% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin D.

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