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So, it is your turn now to walk the isle and you wish to look your best; it is your BIGDAY after all! Sure, when you are happy from inside, the mirth shows on your face as well.

9 Makeup Tips Every Bride Needs To Know Follow Me on Pinterest

However, looking great on your wedding day has also a lot to do with the way you do up yourself. The quality of cosmetics you are using, the way in which your face has been done up and the accessories which look like an extension of your personality and highlight you. Yes, you can now be the moon without scars on your special day if you are smart enough to follow these intelligent tips. Nothing could be more disappointment that a beautiful looking woman, made to look shabby on her wedding day, dripping with make up!

Here are 9 tips every bride should know about bridal make up.

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1. Try Out The Look You Wish To Have On Your Wedding Day Beforehand

9 Makeup Tips Every Bride Needs To Know - Try Out The Look You Wish To Have On Your Wedding Day Beforehand Follow Me on Pinterest

It would be really helpful if you try the look you wish to have on your wedding day beforehand.

If you have selected a salon or a beautician or a make-up artist for doing up your look, do not just rely on him or her to do it all up on the wedding day. Book a trial visit where you could have an idea as to how do the look actually turn out and whether it is going along with your personality, as well as whether or not you’re satisfied with it.

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2. What’s Your Skin Type?

9 Makeup Tips Every Bride Needs To Know - Select Cosmetics According To Your Skin Type So That You Do Not Develop A Skin Problem After You Are Done With The Wedding Follow Me on Pinterest

Now if you have an oily skin, then an overly moisturized and shining look would not give you that polished and graceful look. And if you have a dry skin, then an over the top powdery or chalky touch would make you look deprived!

Instead of blindly following the fashion trend or just because an actress has tried a particular look in a certain movie does not mean that you would experiment with that too on your wedding day. Select cosmetics according to your skin type so that you do not develop a skin problem after you are done with the wedding. You certainly do not wish to go on your honeymoon with scars and acne all over your face!

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3. The Climate

9 Makeup Tips Every Bride Needs To Know - Climate Is One Of The Most Crucial Factors That Determine The Look Of Any Bride On Her Big Day Follow Me on Pinterest

Are you living in a tropical climate or cold? This is one of the most crucial factors that determine the look of any bride on her big day.

A warm and sunny climate, which is mostly found in the countries of tropical climate, could make you drench in sweat by the time you would reach the ceremonies of your wedding. And in an icy climate, you cannot go totally oil-free and dry.
4. No Makeup On The Eleventh Hour

9 Makeup Tips Every Bride Needs To Know - Never Makeup On The Eleventh Hour, As Cosmetic Products Need Time To Settle On Your Skin; Get Ready At Least 3 Hours Before The Wedding Ceremony Follow Me on Pinterest

It would be a blunder on your part if you would get ready just an hour before the main function starts. This is because the cosmetic products like foundation, concealer, pressed powder, blush and eye shadow do not get blended well on skin immediately. They need time to settle on your skin and the more time they stay on your face, the better for your look.

Get ready at least 3 hours before the wedding ceremony.
5. Primer Is A Must

9 Makeup Tips Every Bride Needs To Know - Primer Is A Must, As Without It, Your Rest Of The Makeup Would Never Get A Good Base To Merge & Blend On Follow Me on Pinterest

Without a proper primer, your rest of the make-up would never get a good base to merge and blend on. So it is extremely vital that you pick a primer and apply it evenly on your face 20 minutes before you start applying other cosmetics.
6. Foundation According To Complexion

9 Makeup Tips Every Bride Needs To Know - Always Choose Your Foundation Based On Your Skin Complexion Follow Me on Pinterest

Now, it is quite natural that you dreamt to be the fair flawless princess on your wedding day, however if you are not naturally white since birth, it would be foolish of you to make yourself look milk white on your wedding day.

Enhancement of complexion and skin brightening look fine up till some extent, but if you have darker skin complexion and are going for foundation meant for fair complexion, you will end up looking painted!
7. Concealer Is Good

9 Makeup Tips Every Bride Needs To Know - Your Little Imperfections, Such As Blemishes, Red Spots, Acne Marks, Or Dark Circles, Would Be Concealed Beautifully By A Good Quality Concealer Follow Me on Pinterest

Your little imperfections would be concealed beautifully by a good quality concealer, be it your blemishes, red spots, acne marks or dark circles. However for skin under the eye, go for an oil-based concealer, else that part would end up looking dry and cakey.
8. Creamy Rather Than Powdery

9 Makeup Tips Every Bride Needs To Know - When Highlighting Your Cheeks With A Blush, Choose A Crème Blush, As It Will Give Your Face The Dewy Glow Every Woman Wants Follow Me on Pinterest

When highlighting your cheeks with a blush, choose a crème blush, which is available in almost all the good brands now. It gives your face the dewy glow which every woman wants and especially with tones like rose and peach, you get that naturally beautiful and sensuous look.
9. Avoid Gloss

9 Makeup Tips Every Bride Needs To Know - Go For The Perfect Matte Finish On Lips If You're Going For Red, Vine, And Maroon Lips Follow Me on Pinterest

Glossy lips with already dark lip color do not look very decent. So it is recommended that you go for the perfect matte finish on lips if you are going for red, vine and maroon lips. Gloss only bodes well with pastel shades like baby pink, peach and mauves, but brides look good in rich colors, and you would agree!

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