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Soaking in the rays is the perfect way to spend an idyllic summer day, but looking — and feeling — like a steamed lobster is not cool! Plus, the sun is responsible for 90 percent of wrinkle damage to the skin. Luckily, lots of post-sun love and a little prevention go a long way.

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Dr. Doris Day, dermatologist and author of Forget the Facelift, gives us tips on curing your ailing cuerpo.

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1. Pop And Hydrate

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Because the sun dehydrates, headaches can be brutal. Ibuprofen eases the headache the sun can bring, so take two as soon as possible.

“It’s also important to drink water, juice or sports drinks to replace body fluids that are lost via sweating and sun exposure,” says Day.

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3. Soothe With Home Remedies

There is a reason most people use aloe gel to treat sunburned skin.

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Aloe is a natural anesthetic, according to Day, that eases the burn. Other at-the-ready remedies include treating skin with a washcloth soaked in cold skim milk. The cold diffuses the heat, while the protein in the milk helps coat and comfort the skin.

Day also loves mixing brewed white iced tea with honey and aloe and applying it topically. “The honey is nourishing salve in the skin, and caffeine is a natural anti-inflammatory. White tea is the highest of all teas — more than green and black — in antioxidants, which is amazing after a long, hot day,” she says.

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4. Think Beyond the Beach

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“Most sun damage comes from incidental exposure — like when the sun hits you while you’re driving, and walking to and from your car. It’s important to use SPF all the time,” says Day.
5. Powder Up

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These days, sunscreens don’t just come in creams and sprays. They come in powders that not only screen UVA and UVB rays, but also aren’t as heavy — meaning they don’t clog pores — so skin can breathe and glow.
6. Exfoliate

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Sloughing the skin will prevent breakouts, an unfortunate side effect of the combination of sweat and sunscreen.

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