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We’ve often heard about the things we need to do to make sure our skin is healthy and glowing. But what about the things you should avoid?

Are You Guilty Of These 5 Bad Habits That Can Lead To Unhealthy Skin Follow Me on Pinterest

We’ve gathered together 5 bad habits that can lead to unhealthy skin, or even make you sick!

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1. Not Moisturizing the Face

People with oily skin are often wary of putting any kind of cream or lotion on the skin. But not moisturizing can actually increase the production of oil on your face – and here’s why:

Are You Guilty Of These 5 Bad Habits That Can Lead To Unhealthy Skin: Do You Know That By Not Moisturizing Your Face, Your Face Will Actually End Up Becoming More Oily Than If You Do? Follow Me on Pinterest

Soaps and cleansers can dry skin out, which stimulates the sebum glands into producing more oil. By using essential oils to moisturize the skin, you can create the opposite reaction and reduce the production of oil. Your skin will look healthier and be less shiny. Essential oil face oils also have anti-bacterial qualities which can help reduce acne breakouts.

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2. Be Careful about Your Diet

Drinking milk as a child is one thing, but drinking it as an adult can cause problems for the skin. Cows are often injected with hormones and other growth factors that make their way into the cow’s milk. When you drink the milk, you’re drinking in these hormones as well. In case you’ve forgotten puberty, excess hormones cause acne breakouts! Dairy can also cause inflammation, which makes acne worse and can speed up the aging process.

Are You Guilty Of These 5 Bad Habits That Can Lead To Unhealthy Skin: Certain Foods Can Cause Problems For Your Skin And Result In Acne Breakouts, Such As Milk For Instance Follow Me on Pinterest

If you’re worried about calcium, you’re better off eating plenty of dark green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale.

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3. Using Too Much Cortisone

Are You Guilty Of These 5 Bad Habits That Can Lead To Unhealthy Skin: Overuse Of Cortisone Cream Can Lead To Thin Skin, Wrinkles, And Stretch Marks Follow Me on Pinterest

Many of us have cortisone cream in our medicine cabinets; we use it to treat bug bites or itchy rashes.

But the overuse of cortisone creams can cause the breakdown of collagen in the skin, leading to thin skin, wrinkles and worst of all, stretch marks.

It’s best to avoid cortisone unless you really need it, and try not to use it more than twice a week. If you’re applying it to an area with very thin, delicate skin like the underarm, use the mildest solution and apply it with a very light touch.
4. Taking Supplements Before Checking With Your Doctor

Are You Guilty Of These 5 Bad Habits That Can Lead To Unhealthy Skin: Always Seek The Advise Of Your Doctor Before You Take Any Supplements Follow Me on Pinterest

Be careful about taking any over the counter health supplements. You should always check with your dermatologist or general practitioner because some supplements can conflict with prescription drugs you may be taking.

For example, those taking thyroid medicine should avoid taking calcium supplements, or risk reducing the effectiveness of the medicine. Likewise, vitamin D can make the cholesterol drug Lipitor less effective.

Even if you aren’t taking any prescription medicines, some supplements can be dangerous when combined. Omega-3 fish oil can cause an increased risk of bleeding when taken in combination with aspirin, gingko biloba or ginger. This can put you in a very dangerous situation if you should need a surgical procedure.
5. Drinking Water When You Should Be Eating It

We’ve all had it drummed into our heads: eight ounces of water, eight times a day. But if you’ve ever tried to do it, you soon find that most of that water passes right through you and you end up spending most of the day in the bathroom. If you want your body to truly hydrate, try eating your water instead.

Are You Guilty Of These 5 Bad Habits That Can Lead To Unhealthy Skin: On Top Of Drinking Water, You Will Want To Also Eat Foods That Are High In Water Content Such As Watermelons And Cucumbers Follow Me on Pinterest

What that means is to eat foods that have a high water content. Foods like watermelons and cucumbers are made mostly of water; in fact most fruits and veggies are packing a lot of water. Your body can more easily absorb this water because it comes packed with other healthy nutrients that the body will absorb.

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