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Have you just come out of a relationship and are trying to figure out what went wrong? Or perhaps you’ve just met someone new, and want to avoid making any mistakes this time. Whatever stage of a relationship you might be in, it can be helpful to look at gender differences and the possible problems that they can present.

Are You Guilty of These 5 Things That Turn Guys Off In A Relationship (With You)? Follow Me on Pinterest

One way to do so is to learn a little bit about how guys think, and the kind of things that can quickly turn them off. Look and see if you’re doing any of these 5 things – they can be relationship killers for men!

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1. Being Overly Possessive

Are You Guilty of These 5 Things That Turn Guys Off In A Relationship (With You)? - Being Overly Possessive Follow Me on Pinterest

Many women look at their relationship as “he belongs to me, and I belong to him.” In order to reinforce the ties that bind, they want to go everywhere he goes and do everything he does, involving themselves in every moment of his life.

Other women do something similar, but out of fear of losing their man. Their insecurity leads them to want to be with him constantly and not let him out of their sight. They are hurt when he doesn’t want to do the same, sure it’s a sign he doesn’t love them.

It doesn’t really matter, though, why a woman is clingy and possessive – no matter the reason, it’s a huge turn off for men. No man wants to feel smothered by a woman who is constantly whining to go with him and do things with him or who gets jealous every time he wants to do something without her.

If you’ll pardon the cliché, men are like water – if you try to hold them in your fist, they’ll slip out between your fingers.

And something else to remember: most men like to be the pursuer in a relationship. They like the thrill of the chase, so it’s better to always be a little bit of a challenge, and let him come after you.

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2. Being A Nag

Are You Guilty of These 5 Things That Turn Guys Off In A Relationship (With You)? - Being A Nag Follow Me on Pinterest

Women are – in general – detail oriented. We’re used to keeping an eye on the little things and keeping things organized and in their place.

When our man isn’t like that, we take it upon ourselves to “teach” him. And then we’re frustrated when he doesn’t seem to learn, so we try again, harder. We finally get to a point where we’re so annoyed with having to repeat the same things that it brings us to the boiling point.


Think about how this comes across to your man. He doesn’t see your “helpful tips” as a learning experience; to him, it’s nagging and it may be aggravating him worse than it does you!

When you go into a relationship, you must go in with the realization that you will not – and should not – try to change him. If he was a slob when you met him, he’ll most likely be a slob until the day he dies. So is it worth a lifetime of anger and nagging, or is it something you can just accept as part of the package?

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3. Being Unresponsive During Sex

Are You Guilty of These 5 Things That Turn Guys Off In A Relationship (With You)? - Being Unresponsive During Sex Follow Me on Pinterest

Men have a need to know that they are doing good in bed – they need it for their egos, and it also gives them a hormone boost that increases their bond with their partner. It’s why so many women will fake an orgasm – even if the sex didn’t do it for them, they want to encourage their man!

However, there are also many women who inhibited in the bedroom, who have never learned to really let go. When a woman is very quiet during sex, it leaves a man thinking he’s doing things wrong and not pleasing her, which can cause him stress and anxiety – and in the end, reducing HIS performance.

If you have problems with intimacy and sexual inhibitions, talk to your partner and let him know how you feel. Barring that, you may want to speak with an expert on sexual issues to help you learn to enjoy sex more.
4. Giving Him The Silent Treatment

Are You Guilty of These 5 Things That Turn Guys Off In A Relationship (With You)? - Giving Him The Silent Treatment Follow Me on Pinterest

Men complain about it all the time – they ask what’s wrong, and women answer “Nothing.”

This is incredibly frustrating for men. They know that you’re are angry or hurt, and they want to be direct and resolve the problem – that’s a guy thing – but you refuse to talk about it. It does no one good to let it simmer; it only makes things worse.

If you are so upset that you are unable to talk about the issue, tell him that. Telling him “I’m too angry to talk now, can we discuss it later?” is all it takes.
5. Making Him Feel Stupid

Are You Guilty of These 5 Things That Turn Guys Off In A Relationship (With You)? - Making Him Feel Stupid Follow Me on Pinterest

This is one of the worst things you can do to a man. Unfortunately, many women make it a habit of criticizing everything their partner does, and pointing out any stupid or silly mistake he makes.

It might give you a laugh and it might make you feel superior to him, but hopefully you’ll at least have the kindness to only do it when you’re dishing with your closest girlfriend. Men’s egos are easily shattered, and what you might see as harmless gossip can be doing great damage to your relationship.

The best thing you can do is put your efforts into things that strengthen the bond in your relationship, like open communication and honesty. Those that have frank and open relationship have the best chance of long term success.

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