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After a long winter, you’re ready to toss the extra layers. But while the spring brings longer days, you won’t get any color from the five-minute walk from your car to office. Besides, you know that spending too much time in the sun can expose you to harmful UV rays.

Beauty Tips 101: How To Apply Self-Tanner Follow Me on Pinterest

The solution? Self-tanners are a safer option, and you can apply them at home. Whether you’re a self-tanning pro or novice, our guide will help you achieve an even golden glow without the streaks. Get ready to transform your complexion from ghostly white to a sun-kissed glow.

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Step 1: Get Prepped

Beauty Tips 101: How To Apply Self-Tanner - Shave And Exfoliate Any Area That You're Self-Tanning Follow Me on Pinterest

For the self-tanner to set in evenly, your skin should be as fresh as possible. Shave your legs and exfoliate any area that you’re self-tanning, with a liquid exfoliating scrub.

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Step 2: Apply Self-Tanner From Bottom To Top

Beauty Tips 101: How To Apply Self-Tanner - Apply Self-Tanner From Bottom To Top Follow Me on Pinterest

Wearing latex gloves, gently apply self-tanner onto your skin.

Start at your feet and slowly move up your body to avoid awkward positions, and make sure everything goes on smoothly and evenly. Keep a box of facial tissues on hand to wipe away any excess.

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Step 3: Smooth Out Streaks

Beauty Tips 101: How To Apply Self-Tanner - Smooth Out Streaks On Areas With Thinner Skin Such As Your Feet, Knees, Elbows, Wrists, And Ankles Follow Me on Pinterest

Areas with thinner skin — your feet, knees, elbows, wrists and ankles — are susceptible to streaking. Go over these areas carefully to ensure the tan doesn’t look patchy.

To avoid streaks on your palms, wipe them down with a tissue after you’re finished.
4. Wait And See

Beauty Tips 101: How To Apply Self-Tanner - You Need To Give The Self-Tanner The Chance To Seep In And Do Its Thing, So Avoid Showering, Or Sleeping For At Least About Six Hour Afterward Follow Me on Pinterest

You need to give the self-tanner the chance to seep in and do its thing, so avoid showering or sleeping (unless you want streaked sheets) for at least about six hours afterward.

To avoid getting the product on your clothes, wear a loose, old T-shirt. Once your tanner has set, be sure to moisturize each day.

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