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Everyone is aware that abusing our bodies with bad food can eventually lead to obesity, disease, and ill health, plus the nightmare of accelerated aging.

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More and more people are learning about healthy food choices, and discovering ways to substitute unhealthy snack foods with healthy ones instead. Food labels rarely tell the whole story and a low fat food may in fact still be low quality because of its high salt, sugar, and carb levels (and you’ll still have the joy of needing to burn this off on the treadmill).

Read the rest of this article to learn about some of the foods passing themselves off as healthy foods – when in fact they are not.

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1. Multi-Grain Bread

Busted! 10 Fake 'Health' Foods That'll Wreck Your Health - Multi-Grain Bread Follow Me on Pinterest

Mention grains and people automatically think healthy thoughts but multi-grained breads are often made from highly processed grains. It’s the whole grains that are the healthy kind – the others are merely a poor substitute.

Always verify that the grains in the bread are wholesome. Any mention of “bleached flour” or “enriched flour” on the ingredients list and you have yourself a bread made from highly processed grains.

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2. Fast-Food Salads

Busted! 10 Fake 'Health' Foods That'll Wreck Your Health - Fast-Food Salads Follow Me on Pinterest

The fast-food chains haven’t been ignoring the trend in health foods and have created their own so called “healthy” menus in response to a health conscious public.

Recent studies in nutrition analysis completed by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine have actually found that the ingredients in these fast food salads and wraps provide no more of a benefit than withholding the bun on a burger, or a salad drowned in dressing.

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3. Fat-Free Cheese

Busted! 10 Fake 'Health' Foods That'll Wreck Your Health - Fat-Free Cheese Follow Me on Pinterest

Cheese that is purported to be fat-free may seem like a good choice at first – but the amount of stabilizers and chemicals crammed into them remove any advantage the fat free choice may provide.

As it’s the fat that gives the cheese its full flavor, the manufacturers double the quantity of sodium to make up for the lack taste.
4. Instant Oatmeal Packages

Busted! 10 Fake 'Health' Foods That'll Wreck Your Health - Instant Oatmeal Packages Follow Me on Pinterest

Normally, oats are a hearty and healthy breakfast option, but manufacturers of the instant variety add lots of sugar, and the fiber content isn’t up to par either.

Some brands have been reported as having up to 16 grams of sugar (equivalent to four teaspoons!) in every serving.
5. Fruit Juices

Busted! 10 Fake 'Health' Foods That'll Wreck Your Health - Fruit Juices Follow Me on Pinterest

Most juices taste great because of the large quantities of high-fructose corn syrup contained in every serve. In some brands, the corn syrup outweighs the actual juice content!

High fructose corn syrup has also recently been unveiled as a possible culprit for increasing cholesterol levels, impaired immunity, and blood clots.
6. Pasteurized Milk

Busted! 10 Fake 'Health' Foods That'll Wreck Your Health - Pasteurized Milk Follow Me on Pinterest

Pasteurized milk has a reputation as a healthy food and it’s often cited as a great source of calcium. Pasteurization is designed to kill germs but it also obliterates the active enzymes and corrupts the delicate proteins in milk.

Any beneficial bacteria contained in the milk are also subsequently destroyed during the process, along with many of the vitamins.
7. Sports Drinks

Busted! 10 Fake 'Health' Foods That'll Wreck Your Health - Sports Drinks Follow Me on Pinterest

Sports drinks are designed for sports people who are enduring an extremely challenging workout. For the average person though, consuming a sports drink means they are getting a super concentrated concoction of salt, sugar, and artificial flavorings and colorings.

A General Dentistry report is also pointing to sports drinks as being a major contributor to serious enamel and tooth decay.
8. Granola

Busted! 10 Fake 'Health' Foods That'll Wreck Your Health - Granola Follow Me on Pinterest

Granolas get their great taste from the dried fruits and nuts content. The problem with these is that they are packed full of calories.

Add to this mix a variety of sweeteners and you are consuming way too much sugar and calories for the day.
9. Protein Bars

Busted! 10 Fake 'Health' Foods That'll Wreck Your Health - Protein Bars Follow Me on Pinterest

You can be forgiven for becoming confused when fattening food bars are sold at the gym. Almost invariably claiming to up your protein consumption these bars are quite useless if you are already consuming your required daily intake which is found aplenty in egg whites, beans, tofu, fish, poultry, and lean meats.

You will also find that most brands of protein bars have an excessive amount of sugar and fructose corn syrup. This is all aside from the fact that the average bar packs a whopping 200 plus calories per serve.
10. Organic Frozen Dinners

Busted! 10 Fake 'Health' Foods That'll Wreck Your Health - Organic Frozen Dinners Follow Me on Pinterest

We’ve been conditioned to think that “organic” is synonymous with “healthy”. Further investigation is required however.

A frozen organic dinner will most often contain just as many calories as its non-organic equivalent.

Let’s also not forget the fact that the sodium content in a frozen dinner will often contain up to half of your daily recommended intake in the one meal.

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