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Parents live for the excitement their kids experience at Christmas time while they’re unwrapping their presents. Without a doubt they also enjoy the time they finally get to themselves while the children run off to play with all of their new toys.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids 2013 Follow Me on Pinterest

It’s not much fun for anybody if children get toys they don’t like or can’t use, so when you’re shopping for your children’s Christmas presents keep this top ten list of the most sought after toys for 2013 in mind.

1. PlasmaCar Red

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids 2013 - PlasmaCar Red Follow Me on Pinterest

One of the best things about the PlasmaCar is the fact that batteries are not required. Neither are there gears or pedals for young children to struggle with. It’s simply a matter of getting on and going. The steering column provides not just the steering but the means of propelling the bike forward as well. This means your child will be zooming and cruising around the house or backyard in no time flat.

The PlasmaCar is best suited for children from three to eight years, but it’s rated up to 220 pounds, meaning the young at heart can have a bit of fun as well.

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2. Earlyears Baby Farm Friends Bowling

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids 2013 - Earlyears Baby Farm Friends Bowling Follow Me on Pinterest

Six soft fabric and cute farm animal bowling pins make up this award winning kids bowling set, which includes a brightly patterned bowling ball as well.

They’re so soft that when the kids aren’t busy knocking the animals down they’ll be giving them a nice cuddle.

Hand eye co-ordination, gross motor skills, and early numeracy skills can be taught by enterprising parents, as the animals are each adorned with contrasting colored fabric numbers from 1 to 6.

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3. Barbie Fashionistas Ultimate Closet

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids 2013 - Barbie Fashionistas Ultimate Closet Follow Me on Pinterest

Wherever you find Barbie the ultimate wardrobe full of the latest fashion outfits and accessories is never far away.

There’s plenty of space for the ultra-glamorous Barbie Fashionista Ultimate Closet to store the latest trends in fashion and accessories – and what fashionable wardrobe is complete without real silver colored hangers to hang the outfits from?

Shoes can be shown off in all their glory on the shelves, accessories can be hidden away in a real sliding drawer, and outfits can be hung in the closet or on the closet doors for a quick change. If Barbie is undecided on what to wear next the pullout dressing rack will help her decide.

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4. Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower Trackset

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids 2013 - Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower Trackset Follow Me on Pinterest

Car racing will never be the same again when your child discovers their new Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower Trackset. Able to attach to any wall cars are hoisted to the very top using the motorized elevator, only to go plunging down, zigzagging their way through the various obstacles.

An included poster backdrop adds some necessary drama to the whole event which your kids will love.

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5. Disney Princess Cinderella Magic Lights Dress

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids 2013 - Disney Princess Cinderella Magic Lights Dress Follow Me on Pinterest

Your precious little princess can re-enact the magic of Cinderella as she twirls and whirls in this gorgeous princess costume. Every prince at the party will be begging for just one more dance with the belle of the ball. In a lovely shade of blue and lovingly detailed with sparkles and gems, this beautiful gown magically glows as motion-activated lights travel their way around the dress.

Click here to get the Disney princess Cinderella magic lights dress on
6. Melissa & Doug Cutting Food

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids 2013 - Melissa & Doug Cutting Food Follow Me on Pinterest

There’s nothing more satisfying then the realistic crunch kids will hear as they slice and dice their way through the Melissa & Doug Cutting Food assortment.

Smoothly sanded solid wood decorated in non-toxic colors, this Melissa & Doug cutting food kit includes a cutting board, a knife, and eight sliceable food items – with over 25 pieces in all. A high quality wooden storage case is included to keep everything neat and tidy.

Click here to get the Melissa & Doug cutting food kit on
7. Doc McStuffins Check-Up Center

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids 2013 - Doc McStuffins Check-Up Center Follow Me on Pinterest

Cooking stations have always been popular with the kids, as they get to mimic mum and dad in the kitchen, but with the Doc McStuffins Check-Up Center the doctor is in the house.

Lambie will never be in safer hands as she’s given a full checkup on the scales, growing chart, and x-ray machine. Cuts and bruises are no problem as there are plenty of bandage stickers to ease her pain.

Kids will feel like the real deal when they don the included lab coat and practice their bed side manner with the accessories box, checkup center, and stickers.

Click here to get the Doc McStuffins check-up center on
8. LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra Kids’ Learning Tablet

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids 2013 - LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra Kids' Learning Tablet Follow Me on Pinterest

Kids don’t need to miss out on all the fun and education that having their very own tablet (in LeapFrog’s LeapPad Ultra Kids’ Learning Tablet) can provide. With over 800 apps, games, videos, music, and e-books your child will have plenty to keep them occupied and they’ll never ask to use the expensive iPad again.

A 7” backlit screen has been specially designed to handle a kid’s touch. Secure browsing is possible through LeapSearch – powered by the popular KidZui browser, and curated by hundreds of parents worldwide for pre-approved content.

Out of the box kids have access to 11 apps which means they’ll have plenty to do on Christmas day before they start pestering you again. Some examples of the pre-loaded apps are Art Studio Ultra, Photo Fun Ultra, and an MP3 player already loaded with 10 songs.

Snap happy kids will enjoy the front-and-back camera for doing selfies, or taking Christmas photos of mum and dad – and it can even do video. Built in Wi-Fi offers convenient Internet access straight from the device, and it includes 8GB of internal memory – just like a real tablet!

Click here to get the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra kids’ learning tablet on
9. Furby Pink and Blue Hearts Boom Plush Toy

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids 2013 - Furby Pink and Blue Hearts Boom Plush Toy Follow Me on Pinterest

Back for a return performance Furby is even better than ever with the new Furby pink and blue hearts boom plush toy.

There’s now lots of different styles to choose from – including geometric patterns and chevron print. Furby is much more interactive these days with the ability for your child to communicate with him via iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone.

Each comes with its own personalities that it displays through song and dance. They also shake, laugh when you tickle them, and play music.

The Furby will become your child’s best friend as it learns and grows based on the interactions between them.

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10. Playskool Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids 2013 - Playskool Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo Follow Me on Pinterest

Sesame Street’s Big Hugs Elmo has so many different ways in which your kids can interact with him.

Hugs are just the start as Elmo will move his arms to return a hug, play a song, dance, and engage your child with entertaining activities such as playing astronaut or rabbits – for hours of interactive fun.

Finally it will be nap time – at which point Elmo will sing a quiet lullaby and make sleepy noises to lull your little one to sleep after a hard day of cuddling and playing.

Click here to get the Sesame Street’s big hugs Elmo on
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