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Learning how to do exotic dances will have your man ready for sex when you want it. It doesn’t take much to learn the ways of the sexy dancing to turn your man on. If you set the stage before he sees you dancing, it will heighten his pleasure more.

Dancing Your Way Into Your Man's Heart... And Pants! Follow Me on Pinterest

Have all the items you’re going to use like the clothes you want him to change into set on a table or chair before he gets home. You’ll also need some clothes you feel sexy in, as well as some music to add to the erotic dances you do for your man.

Here are a few ways you can do to entice your man:

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1. Perform A Round Of Sexy Dance

Dancing Your Way Into Your Man's Heart... And Pants! - Practice Your Sexy Dance In Front Of A Mirror To Give You More Confidence When You Perform In Front Of Your Partner Follow Me on Pinterest

Dance to music that will let you feel sexy. If you practice in front of a mirror, you’ll have all the moves down before showing him your stuff. It also gives you more confidence in your steps knowing what he will see.

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2. Fancy, Sexy Lingerie Is Not A Must To Feel Sexy

Most women think they need fancy, sexy lingerie while dancing for their man. The fact is, a t-shirt can be equally sexy as well… if you know how to move right.

Dancing Your Way Into Your Man's Heart... And Pants! - Sexy Lingerie Is Not A Must To Feel Sexy... In Fact, A Normal T-Shirt/Shirt (With Your Bra And Panties Inside) Can Feel Equally Sexy As Well, As Long As You Move Right Follow Me on Pinterest

Wearing clothes you feel comfortable in will make the dance move more natural to you and turn him on.

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3. Setting The Stage

Sometimes setting the stage is more of a turn on than the actual performance.

Dancing Your Way Into Your Man's Heart... And Pants! - Having The Stage Properly Set Up Is More Of A Turn On For Your Man Than The Actual Performance Itself Follow Me on Pinterest

Add some items that you can interact with your man such as a scarf to pull him toward you. Dancing while painting your body will also blow his mind, especially if you paint him, too. You can also leave some dollar bills on the table for him to use.
4. Slow And Steady Wins The Race (In Rousing Your Man Up!)

Using slow movements is better than rushing through your entertainment. Practice make perfect. Use your mirror to see how you move, then use the moves he likes best in your erotic dance.

Dancing Your Way Into Your Man's Heart... And Pants! - Use A Mirror To See How You Move, And Then Use The Moves You Think He Likes Best In Your Erotic Dance To Arouse Him Follow Me on Pinterest

Focus on how you feel will show him how you want to please him.
5. Spice Up Your Sexuality With Roleplay

Dancing Your Way Into Your Man's Heart... And Pants! - Spice Up Your Sexuality With Roleplay Follow Me on Pinterest

Role-play is the best way to add spice to your sexuality. Become the sex symbol you want to be or wear a mask to become someone else. It gives your confidence a boost and turns him on… Completely!
Exotic dancing can be learned to entice your man to you. You don’t have to take classes to learn how to move. You know your man and what he likes, so use them in your erotic dance moves. A perfect passionate dance is one that comes with how it makes you feel… That alone will turn him on!

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