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In terms of health, you can either be your own best friend or your worst enemy. Everything you eat affects the health of your bones.

Eat These 7 Foods For Strong And Healthy Bones (At Any Age) Follow Me on Pinterest

Bones need a decent supply of magnesium, vitamin D, calcium, and vitamin K in order to stay strong. If you know what foods are the best sources of these vitamins and minerals, then you can create a diet to support a strong bone structure no matter what age you are.

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1. Canned Tuna

Eat These 7 Foods For Strong And Healthy Bones (At Any Age) - Canned Tuna Follow Me on Pinterest

You may not be able to afford fresh fish every week, but a fairly good substitute is canned tuna. Tuna is an excellent source of vitamin D and three ounces will supply almost 50% of your daily recommended vitamin D intake.

While there are concerns about mercury contaminating a lot of our seafood, but many experts are unanimous in their agreement that it is far more beneficial to eat a moderate of amount of fish (12 oz. per week) than to go without.

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2. Salmon

Eat These 7 Foods For Strong And Healthy Bones (At Any Age) - Salmon Follow Me on Pinterest

Salmon meat holds a high concentration of vitamin D.

Even a small serving of 3.5oz will give you approximately 90% of your vitamin D daily recommended intake. You are also getting a decent supply of protein and omega-3 fats for a healthy cardiovascular system.

At least one dish containing salmon should be eaten weekly.

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3. Cheese

Eat These 7 Foods For Strong And Healthy Bones (At Any Age) - Cheese Follow Me on Pinterest

Whether you are into the more exotic flavors such savory bleu, camembert, sharp cheddar, or creamy brie, cheese can be enjoyed on its own or as a tasty topping for any dish.

You need to carefully monitor your intake however, as there are plenty of calories packed into even a small amount of cheese.

Luckily, even a small 1.5 ounce serve of cheese will give you up to 30% of your recommended calcium intake. All cheeses come with approximately the same quantities of calcium. There is also a small quantity of vitamin D in most cheeses.
4. Tofu

Eat These 7 Foods For Strong And Healthy Bones (At Any Age) - Tofu Follow Me on Pinterest

If you have a problem consuming dairy, tofu is a terrific non-dairy food source for calcium. With only half a cup, you are getting almost 20% of your daily-recommended intake.

You are also getting a good dose of protein, so you can’t go wrong with a bit of tofu in your stir fries.
5. Spinach

Eat These 7 Foods For Strong And Healthy Bones (At Any Age) - Spinach Follow Me on Pinterest

Spinach is another great food source for calcium for those with a disposition against dairy products.

Eat at least one cup of cooked spinach and you’re getting about 25% of your recommended daily intake of calcium. There’s also plenty of iron, vitamin A, and fiber thrown in as well.
6. Yogurt

Eat These 7 Foods For Strong And Healthy Bones (At Any Age) - Yogurt Follow Me on Pinterest

Yogurt has a surprising little secret and that is, it actually contains more calcium than a similar quantity of milk.

To get 40% of your daily intake of calcium, you only need to consume an 8-ounce serve of delicious yogurt. Your bones will love you for it.
7. Milk

Eat These 7 Foods For Strong And Healthy Bones (At Any Age) - Milk Follow Me on Pinterest

There’s no secret about milk being a great source of calcium. For about 1/3 of your daily intake, drink an 8-oz glass of milk. To make sure you aren’t getting too many calories use low-fat or skim.

Most brands of milk these days are adding extra vitamin D for a double whammy in bone health maintenance.

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