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Many foods are known to have specific advantages, like boosting energy, improving the memory, or even helping to lose weight. But many of these same foods can also help to add a little spice to your sex life by boosting the libido.

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Why not try them out and bring a little heat to your lovemaking tonight?

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1. Avocados

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Avocados are a great source of heart-healthy fats – but they’re also full of Vitamin E. This vitamin helps with the body’s production of sex hormones progesterone, estrogen and testosterone, which can help increase sexual arousal.

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2. Chocolates

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Any woman can tell you that chocolate makes you feel great. The secret is in the chemical phenylethylamine. It’s a stimulant found in cocoa which creates a sense of happiness and excitement that can help increase the pleasures of sex.

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3. Red Wine

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Research from the University of Florence has shown that the libido of women who drink two glasses daily of red wine was higher than that of women who favored other spirits or who did not partake of alcohol. This was determined from a survey of 800 women aged 18 to 50.

Not only does a little red wine help to lower inhibitions, it also increases the desire for sex.
4. Oysters

Eat These Foods For Hotter Sex Tonight - Oysters Follow Me on Pinterest

The “oysters as aphrodisiac” story is a bit cliché, but there actually is some truth to the story. Oysters are full of zinc, which is known to help the body produce testosterone. And testosterone, of course, is a hormone that increases the sex drive.
5. Sweet Potatoes

Eat These Foods For Hotter Sex Tonight - Sweet Potatoes Follow Me on Pinterest

There’s a lot to like about sweet potatoes. They’re healthier for you than regular white potatoes and their also good for your sex life. The beta-carotene in sweet potatoes becomes vitamin A, a necessary vitamin for the production of sex hormones – and it also helps keep the vagina and uterus healthy.
6. Sunflower Seeds

Eat These Foods For Hotter Sex Tonight - Sunflower Seeds Follow Me on Pinterest

Sunflower seeds (as well as oatmeal and pumpkin seeds) contain healthy oils that increase hormone levels – and your libido.
7. Watermelon

Eat These Foods For Hotter Sex Tonight - Watermelon Follow Me on Pinterest

Nothing’s better than cold watermelon on a hot day. And even better, the sweet fruit is full of the phyto-nutrient citrulline, known to increase the body’s levels of nitric oxide. That little perk helps blood vessels relax, increase blood circulation. The result is that sexual arousal comes easier.

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