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If you know how to cook, then you might want to try exercising while you cook. Didn’t know that was possible, huh? Well, it is… there are several work outs you can do to keep in shape.

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These simple workout exercises that you’re going to discover in this post will come especially comes in handy if you’re running behind time:

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1. Marching In Place

While cooking something that you have to stir such as making soup or cream sauces, you can march in place. It’s great for the cardiovascular system and helps with weight loss. It also builds the muscles of your heart and many doctors recommend it for heart patients and people recovering from cancer.

To get the optimal results of marching, lift your knees as high as you can. This will really get your heart pumping to kick start your muscle building on the legs.

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2. Weight Lifting

Since you’re in the kitchen where there just happens to be gallons of milk, cans of beans, and other large items you can use as weights. Grab a big bag of beans and start your arm curls.

Alternatively, you can also use a pot, the laundry soap container, and other items that have a little weight to them. It’s a perfect way to keep the arms strong and in shape.

3. Squats

With every dish you wash you can do a squat. Standing doing dishes is on the boring side, but if you add a few squats when washing the pot and pan you can work on your legs. You can even do squats while loading the dishwasher.

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Repeat this simple workout exercise for as many times as you wish. If you do a squat for every dish you put in the dishwasher, you’ll have done all your squats for the day.

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4. Stretches

If you put all your food, dishes and pan on the top shelves, you can do your stretches while reaching for the coffee cups. You can stand off to the side and do a chest stretch where your hands a linked behind your back and you push out and try to bring them over your head.

You can also hang your pots and pans on the ceiling and do some stretching for the ceiling. Grab the pot and hold for 10 seconds before you bring the pan down.

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