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Ditch the old school way of fitness tracking by archaic pen and paper calorie counting and pedometers and invest in the new range of high tech fitness trackers.

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Fitness trackers help you reach your goals – whether it’s losing weight, increasing your fitness, or just to enjoy better overall health.

There are literally dozens of models available and new ones entering all the time so how does one decide which fitness tracker is going to suit your needs? We look at three of the best as a way of helping you sort the wheat from the chaff.

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1. Nike+ FuelBand

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By wearing the Nike+ FuelBand on your wrist you are given quick access to your various levels of activity such as steps taken and calories you have burned throughout the day. Calculations are completed by the device to determine your score, or “Fuel”, the term which Nike have applied to the points system.

Keeping track of your activity is accomplished via way of an app on your iPhone. In the app you have the ability to set goals, measure progress, and obtain active feedback – both through the apps and on the device itself.

There is even a mood tracker which helps you keep an eye on how well you’re going throughout the day in relation to your mindset. Social sharing functions are available through Facebook or Twitter so you and your friends can keep tabs on each other.

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2. UP By Jawbone Wristband

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Technology gives us amazing abilities when it comes to keeping track of our health and fitness and the UP Wristband by Jawbone is one such handy device that allows you to do just that. Coupling the UP with its subsequent iPhone or Android app allows you to keep track of your entire day – including activity levels, diet, and sleep.

You can track your sleep and discover whether you are getting too much, too little, or just enough. You are also able to track how long it takes for you to actually fall asleep and whether it was a light nap or a deep slumber.

Keeping track of your movement is a big part of staying in line with your fitness goals so the UP also logs your distance traveled, the number of steps, calories burnt, and also records periods where you were idle or active. By logging your daily intake you can keep fairly accurate tabs on your calorie, fat, carbs, protein, sugars, and sodium intake.

UP doesn’t just record data as it can also compile it into meaningful information – giving you a personalized insight into your activity and diet with tips you can implement to improve your results. So if you need a little extra help to get your health and fitness into line UP by Jawbone might be the piece of technology you’re looking for.

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3. Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

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You can drastically improve your health by eating right, getting plenty of sleep, and being active. The Fitbit One is able to help you achieve all three.

The number of steps taken, stairs climbed, distance covered, and calories burned are all tracked by the device during the day. After nightfall it measures your sleep cycle so you can determine if you are in fact sleeping better. The Fitbit can even be set to wake you discreetly without disturbing your partner.

Stats are wirelessly uploaded via a PC or certain select mobile devices such as the iPhone. Using the stats helps you stay motivated and on track to reach your goals with charts and graphs laying out all data for easy perusal and analysis. Badges can be earned and you are able to connect with friends and set up friendly competitions with them just to make things a little more interesting.

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