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When you first try online dating it can be a nerve wracking experience – it means putting yourself out there almost like an advert and exposing yourself to rejection and potential embarrassment. It also means going on blind dates with people you’ve never met, as well as having to summarize yourself online in a way that doesn’t sound big-headed, or bland, or pretentious.

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In short, online dating is tough and there are many more things that make it difficult that you probably won’t have even considered prior to experiencing it for yourself.

That said, you can still have a fulfilling and successful online dating experience, provided if you have the right strategies (yes, there are certain strategies you need to know to boost your chances of finding your soulmate online), as well as a positive and open attitude. Here are some tips you can use that will significantly boost your chances of finding the man of your dreams… online!

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1. Your Profile

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The first and most important thing to think about when entering into the world of online dating is your profile and how you’re going to design it to attract members of the opposite sex.

To begin with, that means thinking about your profile pictures. Here, you are best off consulting with members of the opposite sex on which your best pictures are. Often we have very different ideas about our best photos compared with the people who we actually want to message us, so it’s worth surveying those who are closest to your target audience.

With your photos and your profile in general it’s important to also show yourself in a varied light. You don’t want all your photos to be of travelling (people who don’t shut up about travelling are a bore) and you don’t want them all to be you on nights out (or it will look like you don’t have any interests or hobbies). Show some of you with friends, some of you travelling, some of you enjoying your hobbies – and avoid pictures of you with partners – and make sure to mention all these facets of yourself in your write-up.

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2. Also Important To Include In Your Write-Up Is To Inject A Sense Of Humor

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Tell some jokes and make some witty asides and you’ll seem like a fun person that people want to spend time with. Make sure to be yourself though (it’s very obvious when people are painting a picture) and include enough detail so that those who are interested in connecting with you can actually picture who you are and whether or not they would get on with you.

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3. Messaging

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Another tip to succeeding in online dating is to message a lot of people. Often women want to wait and be approached by guys, but these rules just don’t apply in the world of online dating and if you do that then you’re not going to hear from as many people that you really want to talk to.

Furthermore, by going out of your way to message people, your account will rise to the top because the algorithms favour ‘active’ users. At the same time, you’ll be making yourself more attractive in the online dating network because we instantly like people who like us.

When it comes to how you should craft your messages, they should come across as well-balanced, normal, and fun. Don’t be creepy or sleazy and make sure that you ask questions and don’t try too hard to show off. Just be your normal self and you’ll find that you stand out in a positive way (there are surprisingly few normal people on these sites!).

If all goes well then you’ll be able to ask your recipient out on a date early on – which is recommended to avoid things dragging on and becoming awkward.
We hope that, with the tips that we’ve shared with you in this article, you’ll be able to find your Mr. Right and hopefully, be able to say your vows in no time. Good luck!

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Guest post by Nicola Joseph, a freelance blogger who often writes for Lior Diamonds, a leading supplier of semi-mount engagement rings in Chicago. Nicola is an ardent blogger and is a frequent contributor to various marriage and relationship blogs. You can get in touch with her via Twitter @NicolaJoseph.