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When you think of a perfect salon manicure, a French manicure is often what comes to mind. While some go with the traditional pink and white, others like to experiment with bolder colors.

Get A Salon-Style French Manicure At Home With 4 Simple Tips Follow Me on Pinterest

No matter what colors you choose, this is a look that you can pull off on your own at home with salon results – if you follow these four practical tips.

1. Use A Guide

If you only use one of the tips in this article, this is the one you should use.

Get A Salon-Style French Manicure At Home With 4 Simple Tips - Use Some Scotch Tape As A Guide For Applying Your Nail Polish Follow Me on Pinterest

Use some sort of guide for applying your polish. You can use bits of masking tape, nail guides or stickers cut to shape; whatever kind of guide works best for you.

Bonus tip – stick them onto the back of your hand a couple time before you stick them on your nails; it will make them less sticky so they peel off easier without removing polish.

2. Take Your Time

One of the worst things that can happen during a self manicure is to get the tips done so perfectly then mess it all up because your base coat hadn’t dried completely.

Get A Salon-Style French Manicure At Home With 4 Simple Tips - Make Sure You Give Your Polish Enough Time To Harden Before You Apply A Second Coat Follow Me on Pinterest

So take your time, and give the polish time to harden before you go with that second coat – at least 5 minutes. And avoid the urge to touch it and test for doneness!

3. Paint the Tip First

Get A Salon-Style French Manicure At Home With 4 Simple Tips - Paint The Tip First Will Help You Finish Your French Manicure A Little Faster, Especially If Your Base Color Is A Clear Or Faint Color Follow Me on Pinterest

You wouldn’t think of doing it this way normally; intuitively you would probably think that the tip color would go on after the base color. But painting the tip first will help you go a little faster, especially if your base color (now the top color!) is clear or pale pink.

Of course, if you’re going with a reverse color pattern with a dark base and light tips, you’ll want to put the dark color on first.
4. Use A Bright Color

Get A Salon-Style French Manicure At Home With 4 Simple Tips - Using A Bright Color Follow Me on Pinterest

Sticking with a bright shade for the nail bed will make your manicure “pop”, and increase the contrast at the lines, making them easier to see.

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