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Whether you are ready or not, Summer is here and it is time to get out of those winter clothes, pack them away and get out the swimsuits, tank tops and shorts, OH MY!! Trouble is that when you peel off those layers of winter clothing you notice that maybe you have put on a few extra wintertime pounds making you feel a bit insecure about wearing those summer clothes.

Get A Sexy Beach Body In Weeks With These Fitness Tips Follow Me on Pinterest

Fret not! Even though summer is here, you can still lose up to 2 pounds of fat per week safely and feel more confident by following these three fitness tips starting today.

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1. Get Your Sweat On By Strength Training

Unfortunately, there is just no way around the fact that you have to get up and work out every day, in some way if you expect to look good in your swimsuit. This is something you may have to work into your schedule but it will be worth it in the long run.

Get A Sexy Beach Body In Weeks With These Fitness Tips - Perform Strength Training Exercises (Such As Push-Ups, Lunges, Squats) At Least Thrice A Week To Burn Calories, Boost Metabolism, And Strengthen Your Muscles Follow Me on Pinterest

If you cannot do this every day, commit to at least three times per week to burn calories, boost your metabolism and strengthen your muscles. Go for exercises that engage more than one muscle group like push-ups, lunges or squats and always do your workout in the mornings so as to boost your metabolism for the rest of the day.

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2. Make Your Butt & Belly Your Top Priorities

Make your butt, as well as your belly your top priorities by focusing your workouts to those areas.

Get A Sexy Beach Body In Weeks With These Fitness Tips - Giving Your Butt And Belly A Good Workout Will Ensure You Look Fabulous In A Bikini Follow Me on Pinterest

The biggest muscles in your body is your glutes (butt muscles), and by giving them a good workout will help you burn more calories as well as prevent a sagging bikini-bottom butt, which is not very sexy. Naturally, the flatter your belly, the better you are going to look in your swimsuit so you will want to give these areas the extra attention they deserve before, during and after swimsuit season and the following steps taken in the morning after you warm up will ensure you will look fabulous.

Step 1: Lie on the floor on your back and bend your knees so that your feet are flat on the floor. Lift up your hip; check that your spine is straight and not bent downwards. This engages the core muscles on your belly.

Step 2: Maintain the straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Next, left the right foot a few inches off the floor, hold then back down; do the same with the left foot and repeat five times per foot.

Step 3: Continue alternating between each knee keeping the butt muscles tight the entire time.

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3. Stand Up Tall And Engage Your Core Muscles

Pretend you are about to be punched and tuck your hips in and tighten your stomach muscles.

Keeping your stomach muscles tight engages your core and continuing to do this will improve your posture and actually make you look thinner even if you have not lost any weight. Also, doing this will help train your body to hold your stomach in when you are in your swimsuit.

Get A Sexy Beach Body In Weeks With These Fitness Tips - Another Exercise You Can Do Is A 'Posture Check' Every 15 Minutes Where You Stand As Tall As You Can With Your Shoulders Back And Holding Your Stomach In Follow Me on Pinterest

Do a “posture check” by setting your alarm for every 15 minutes as another way of training your body. If you are standing when the alarm goes off, stand tall as you can with shoulders back and holding your stomach in. If you’re sitting, hold your shoulders back and stomach in for at least 15 seconds.

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