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Whether you’re tired, emotional, run down or suffer from dark circles under the eyes, you don’t have to put up with them.

Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes With These 5 Simple At-Home Remedies Follow Me on Pinterest

Your kitchen probably already has at least two or three of these simple store cupboard staples that can reduce (and get rid of) under eye bags and lighten dark circles in it, and if not, they’re easy and cheap to pick up from the local store.

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1. Chilled Cucumber Coolers

Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes With These 5 Simple At-Home Remedies - Chilled Cucumber Coolers Follow Me on Pinterest

A couple of slices of cucumber from the fridge are all it takes to give your eyes a soothing cold compress, though for best results cut three or four for each eye and replace them after a few minutes each. Just chop the cucumber, sit back and close your eyes with a slice over each eyelid.

The cold alone will help reduce and swelling and puffiness, while the ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and caffeic acid in the cucumber help soothe irritation. The cold compress will force the puffiness away and soothe the skin and prevent water retention. The high water content in the cucumber also help moisturize the skin around the eyes gently, leaving your skin feeling fresh.

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2. Used Tea Bags

Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes With These 5 Simple At-Home Remedies - Used Tea Bags Follow Me on Pinterest

If you want to feel even more awake than with a cucumber compress, make a cup of black or green tea with two tea bags (and no milk) and leave the cup in the fridge overnight.

Bring your eyes to life in the morning by squeezing out the excess liquid and relaxing with one bag over each eye for five minutes or until the tea bags have warmed up. You’ll get the cold compress effect that reduces swelling and puffiness, and also get a caffeine boost from the tea.

Stick with green tea for an excellent anti-inflammatory effect that also stimulates circulation, and your eyes will feel tighter and invigorated.

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3. Hot Or Cold Potatoes

Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes With These 5 Simple At-Home Remedies - Hot Or Cold Potatoes Follow Me on Pinterest

You may not usually store potatoes in the fridge, but try chilling one and slicing it much as you would the cucumber. Five minutes with a cold potato compress will have much the same effect as cucumber.

Alternatively, try a warm potato compress to relieve pain behind the eyes or help unblock tear ducts. Just remember to use potato that’s warm to the skin but not hot, as you don’t want to burn your delicate eyelids, and remove them after three to five minutes.
4. Egg Whites

Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes With These 5 Simple At-Home Remedies - Egg Whites Follow Me on Pinterest

If you want to tighten the skin under your eyes but don’t want to splash out on expensive creams, try this simple trick: Separate the white from the yolk of an egg, and dab the white onto the skin under your eyes. Don’t rub it in, just use your middle fingertip to dab it on evenly.

As the egg white dries, your skin will tighten up, reducing the appearance of under eye bags and wrinkles. You’ll also get a Vitamin B boost that helps improve circulation, reducing puffiness and bringing your eyes to life. Leave it to dry for about five minutes and wash off with cold water.
5. Frozen Spoon

Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes With These 5 Simple At-Home Remedies - Frozen Spoon Follow Me on Pinterest

Even if you haven’t got any of the food staples in your kitchen to perk up your eyes, you can still get the advantages of a cold compress. All you have to do is leave a spoon in the freezer overnight.

In the morning, take your frozen spoon and hold it to the skin under your eye for around 30 seconds. Don’t try to keep it in one place too long or you’re just as likely to give yourself a headache as relieve under eye puffiness. Switch it from one eye to the other instead, repeating each side three or four times until the spoon starts to warm up, and you’re good to go.

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