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Back in the caveman days, it was simple to know if a guy liked you; if he grabbed you and took you back to his cave, things were pretty clear! But ever since we’ve become more civilized, it’s become more difficult for women to tell whether or not a man was interested.

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It seems like attraction should be one of the easiest things in the world, but sometimes it’s just not easy to tell if you’re reading the signs correctly. In that case, here are 5 tips we’ve gathered; signals that should let you know if he’s got a thing for you.

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1. He Brings You Unexpected Gifts

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This is one of the top giveaways that a guy has feelings for you. If he suddenly brings you an unexpected gift, you know that you’ve been on his mind and he’d probably like to be more than friends.

Giving someone a gift is a very personal act; it’s not something normally done for just anyone. Gifts are something we give to the people who are important to us. If a guy gives you a present of some sort – especially an expensive one – you can take that as a sign that he’s thinking of you in a special way.

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2. He Teases You But Not Other Girls

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When a guy teases a girl, odds are that he likes her. For many guys, teasing is a form of flirting. If she responds favorably, great; if not, well then he can say he was “just teasing.”

It’s an especially strong sign if he teases you a lot, but rarely teases other girls. If that is the case, then it’s a pretty sure sign of his interest in you.

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3. He Smiles A Lot When You’re Together

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If you’ve ever had a big crush on someone, you know how it brings a giant smile to your face every time they come around.

If a guy like you, then he’ll probably get that same big smile whenever you come near; it’s a sure sign that the sight of you makes him happy.

There’s a difference between the normal polite smiles that people share when they pass in the halls and the smile of genuine happiness that you’ll see on the face of someone truly pleased to see you.
4. He Will Do Things To Impress You

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If a guy is interested in you, he’s going to do whatever he can to make sure that the interest is mutual. This means he’ll do things to try and impress you; to try and prove that he’s the man you should want to be with.

He may boast about his great job with a good company so that you’ll know he can afford to provide a good life for you; it’s the same reason some men like to show off an expensive car or home.

Other guys will try to show off their prowess in sports, as a show of strength is another (subconscious) way of showing you that he is able to take care of you. However he does it, it’s a sign that he is trying to convince you that he’s your man!
5. He Emails Or Calls You Frequently

Guys Decoded: How To Tell He's Into You - He Emails Or Calls You Frequently Follow Me on Pinterest

Does he text you often or leave lots of messages on your Facebook page? That’s a great way to know that he’s really interested in you.

People will often text you or leave you a message when there’s actually something to say or share – but if a guy’s interested in you, he’ll text, email, or call frequently, just to find out what you’re doing or to say “Hi.” It’s a sure sign that he’s interested in you!

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