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If you want to know what really turns your man on, turn to the taboo. Men are attracted to the dark side; just like when they were little boys, they are most attracted to the things they’re told they can’t have.

Guys Reveal 3 Acts That Will Follow Me on Pinterest

If you’re looking for a way to really drive your man wild, here are a few sex secrets that will make him crazy!

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1. They Like To Watch – And Listen

Men are very sensual, in the true sense of the word. They are visceral, and need all their senses to be aroused.

Guys Reveal 3 Acts That Will Follow Me on Pinterest

One of his biggest turn-ons is being able to lay back and watch you, whether you’re doing a sexy striptease or caressing yourself. He’ll also love any sexual positions that allow him to see the action in progress; try placing mirrors in strategic locations.

And remember, what he loves the most is seeing you turned on. He wants to know that he’s satisfying you, so if you can kick off your inhibitions and let him see how much you enjoy his touches (or your own!) it will turn him on like nothing else.

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2. Anal Sex

Guys Reveal 3 Acts That Will Follow Me on Pinterest

It might be something that you’ve never thought that you’d take part of. And it’s certainly not something that generally comes up during the early part of a relationship.

But after you’ve been in an established relationship for a while and have developed a level of comfort and commitment, he may very well start hinting that he’d like to try something a little “different.”

He should be aware that he’ll need to take it gently; if he should happen to use a little more force than you’re comfortable with don’t be afraid to ask him to slow down. After all, if he’s a good guy, he’s not going to enjoy it if you’re in pain. As we mentioned above, seeing you turned on is part of his pleasure.

For your part, you’ll need to relax – and use plenty of lubrication. That part of your body is filled with sensitive nerves; if you can let yourself go and be at ease with it, you may find that you enjoy the switch as much as he does.

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3. Make His Dreams Come True – Literally!

Guys Reveal 3 Acts That Will Follow Me on Pinterest

He’s lying there sound asleep; meanwhile, you’re feeling a little lascivious. Why not go for it?

Believe me, it doesn’t matter how deeply asleep he is, there’s one part of his body that will always respond to your touch!

He may or may not wake up completely; in fact, it may all seem like some sort of surreal dream for him – but it’ll be one dream he’s sure to remember!

The next day, he may have a hard time even remembering if it was a real experience or if it was all a dream. But he will love that you took control and we can guarantee a big smile on his face when he thinks back upon the crazy dream he had last night!

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